Hello world!

Greetings, long overdue.

Welcome to the world of NutmegOwl.  I’ve been kicking around starting my own blog for years.  ‘Nuff said.  Here we are.

You can call me Nutmeg.  You can call me Owl.  Also, NutmegOwl on Knitters Review and ravelry.  But please respect my online privacy in your comments and cross-posts.

How did it all start?  Once upon a time, circa 10 years ago, a woman I worked with invited several co-workers to learn to knit during their lunch-hour.  I was not invited.  But I watched, and for some reason, some little spark – possibly devilish in nature – started glowing.  Though I watched, there was no invitation to be part of the group.  So after a couple of weeks, I walked into my LYS and said, “I’m going to knit a sweater.”

Armed with a Susan Bates pamphlet, needles, a Family Circle knitting magazine and some Decor yarn, off I went.  Two weeks later, the sweater was finished, and it changed my life.  I sometimes wonder how many of the others sitting at that conference table still knit.

Knitting has given me sanity when I needed it, a reminder of my own fallibility when I needed it, pleasure always.  And, well, some would also call it my obsession.  I prefer “passion,” thank you very much.   Hundreds of FOs later, I’d rather be knitting than much of anything else, other than being with my Darling Bebe.  Along the way, I’ve learned what I like and don’t like – you’ll find corresponding pages with those things coming soon to this little corner of the blogoverse.  And if for some reason they are illuminating or cautionary, then we both got something out of them.

Oh, and I will warn you now: be prepared for gratuitous non-knitting shots of Darling Bebe.  I just can’t help myself.



3 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. kim Says:

    Look at that face!!!!! She’s so squeezable!

    I’m so glad that you finally did this! I look forward to many more posts. I cannot believe those mean lunch ladies wouldn’t invite you. I guess you showed them, huh? Wouldn’t it be hilarious if you wound up teaching one of THEM?!

  2. Karen Says:

    Welcome to blogdom! Love the name you chose!

    She is so cute! Such kissable cheeks!

  3. Tracy Says:

    YAY! Welcome!.. Love those smoochable rosy cheeks!

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