A mind is a fascinating thing

The human brain is a fascinating thing.  It can make a little finger twitch, make sure you don’t stop breathing and at the same time, allow you to function as an outwardly appearing professional person while all the time, it is clicking away on a completely different topic.  In my case, knitting.

The more insane the pressure at work, the more disorganized at home, the more my brain goes there.  It’s like a piece of software grinding around in the background when I have a problem with a project, or when I have a yarn that tickles me.  I’m writing presentations while the other compartment is thinking that if I slip the first stitch of the bind-off on the lace shawl ruffle, the points will block more easily.

How does it do that?  Not in the clinical or scientific sense – I mean, what a tool.  It’s probably that way for the real thinkers and inventors of our time.  I shall have to settle for fiber.

Does it ever work that way for you?


One Response to “A mind is a fascinating thing”

  1. kim Says:

    No, I wish I were one of those thinkers. I prefer to have other designers do all of the hard work for me and just follow their lead. However, occasionally, I have a burst of genius and find something of my own that I just must try. It’s not often…

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