I have absolutely no motivation to work today. None. Zero. It’s too nice out and I’m all alone in my office.  My phone last rang five hours ago.  My boss took the afternoon off.

I’ve done everything pressing, then messed around online doing nothing. It’s not that I don’t have things to do, I just entirely lack motivation to do ANYTHING at all.

Lest the critics take off on me: I LOVE my job; I adore my boss; my work has a purpose.  I work hard, often late at night from home, and everything gets done.  The past few weeks have been more pressure-filled than usual, owing to current events.

That said, I do have some morality about breaking out needles in my office, unless I’m on an endless conference call.  It’s one thing to mess about online, but in my twisted little brain, it’s another thing entirely to actually knit in my chair. Weird.

I slipped out for my lunchtime earlier today to finish consigning all of Darling Bebe’s outgrown summer things from last year.  I love consignment.  More on that another time.  And I did snag a straw/leather little summer Coach bag for those rare going-out occasions when I don’t need Mommy’s monster duffel bag purse (and for just $25!).  You know, when you just need something to hold a phone and lipstick and a wallet.  I generally feel like an unmade bed, but dagnabbit, a good bag is an essential.

I know: I’ll go paint my face now. Dinner plans tonight, you see. An actual meal with the guy I’m married to, and one of my very favorite other couples.  This is the kind of get-together you cannot plan in advance, but only comes together with 24 hours’ notice and a MIL who is available to babysit.  (More on that another time, if she presses all of the buttons on my internal elevator, which happens often.)

But once I’m done with the mascara, I’m going to be hard pressed to DO anything at all. I’m in serious inner turmoil when my work mojo goes astray.  I feel rather self-indulgent even writing about it, but it’s a blog, so I’m blogging.  So there.  And if you happen to see my little work mojo lollygagging about in the sunshine, please pat it on the tush and send it back where it belongs.

Happy weekend.


4 Responses to “Wastrel”

  1. Peggy from SnB Says:

    You are not alone-funny, funny post! Says it all doesn’t it?!

  2. kim Says:

    I think your work mojo must have called my work mojo and took off for a day of play. Friday was odd. It was as though all the planets aligned, and everyone took the afternoon off, and the office was eerily quiet. I left 4 minutes early, making me feel zero percent guilty after working overtime this week. Hope you’re having a great weekend.

  3. Luann Says:

    Everyone gets a day like that now and then. When you have them for a few weeks straight, that’s when you know you need to get a new job. Belay the guilt and be grateful for the chance to update the blog with impunity! Love what you said about feeling like an unmade bed – I so relate. Once I was sitting in a meeting and looked down to discover a stain across the front of my shirt, even though I had closely inspected for baby marks before leaving the house (I used to wear my pajama top or an old tshirt until the minute I stepped out the door just to avoid new smears). This one was apparently only visible under flourescent light. A lawyer friend of mine, with kids in high school, said to me the other day “There are a lot of bad hair days when you are the mother of a toddler! Congratulate yourself just for getting out of the house with two shoes that match!” Wise woman.

    • nutmegowl Says:

      Indeed. I’ve learned that the place to inspect on clothes is the shoulders for drool marks. I consider it a victory if my shoes match and my hair is combed. But a good pocketbook never hurts divert attention, either 😉

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