Friday – finally

First, let me be clear: I am developmentally challenged when it comes to embroidery.  This is an understatment.  It is also amusing because the first kind of needlework I ever learned as a child was crewel (or cruel?).  And the backside of any needlepoint I did looked like overcooked spaghetti.  Ask me to make a french knot today and you’ll see me reduced to tears.   Let this serve as a preamble to my not-so-lazy daisies.

Lazy daisies

Lazy daisies

These replace the “Peeps” embroidery on the Katie Bell Baby Cardi.  The daisy detail is a pretty good representation of the color – some days the camera is just none too pleased with me.  What I will not share with you is how long it took me to adequately execute said daisies.  They are done.

I needed centers for the flowers, so that sort of changed the whole direction of the look I was going for with this sweater.  With white centers, the blue wooden buttons no longer worked, so here’s how it ended up:

Katie Bell Cardi longview

Katie Bell Cardi longview

It still needs to be blocked, and then thoroughly gratuitous shots of Darling Bebe wearing it in motion.

Katie Bell Cardi

Katie Bell Cardi

So there are the photos I promised.  Since Friday is an unofficial day set aside for eye candy, here’s a bit of my favorite eye candy by far.

Magic mushrooms

Magic mushrooms

Happy weekend!


2 Responses to “Friday – finally”

  1. Jodi Says:

    I love embroidering knitwear. Next time you need help or anytime you want tips, stop in when I’m ‘there’. PS The daisies look great, but who’s going to look at them if they are being worn by that oh so cute little one 🙂

  2. kim Says:

    Adorable sweater for an adorable bebe! Have a great weekend!!!!

    Oh, and I learned to embroider when I was small too. Don’t remember much of it. But I did do a bunch of french knots on that sheep’s head recently, and it almost sent me over the edge.

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