Ten on Tuesday

Ten Favorite Things to Do with “Me” Time

Hmm.  This is funny in a sad sort of way. Other than Number One, such time rarely exists in my galaxy unless it’s stolen.  About a year ago, I did take a day off without telling spouse or anyone else.  Dropped Darling Bebe at daycare and played hooky until I picked her up.  It was exhilarating.  This exercise reminds me to do that again.  Soon.

1.  Knit.  Anywhere, anytime.

2.  Read a book cover-to-cover late into the night, preferably out on the screened porch.  Unfortunately, this comes at huge personal expense nowadays.

3.  Read a book — uninterrupted — under an umbrella at the beach with my feet in the sand.

4.  Pedicure.  Manicures take too long to dry, you get yarn fibers in the lacquer, and I always ruin one nail getting into the car.

5.  Poke around consignment and thrift shops.

6.  Dig in the dirt.

7.  Investigate LYS.

8.  Nap without subconsciously waiting to hear Darling Bebe cry out.

9.  Yoga classes.  I remember I used to go to them.

10.  Go to the movies.  Alone.

What about you?



2 Responses to “Ten on Tuesday”

  1. Luann Says:

    We really are sisters under the skin – that is almost exactly my list! I did yoga for years and years. Prenatal, too. I do a few poses now and then, but it’s nothing like going to a class and being able to turn yourself over to the teacher. And that nap-that-isn’t-restful, oh, how I know that one. I think the only thing I’d change on your list is I’d swap a pedicure for watching an old movie on TCM or dvd straight through without having to hit the pause button or come back later because someone needed something.

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