Boy Blue

Time to get moving on an obligation project.  My sister’s fourth child is expected next month, so Auntie Owl is expected to produce a special garment.  Since this is the first boy in the family, I happily found 2 sk of Cotton Fleece in the sale bin in perfect Lapis blue, enough to make Get Ziggy by Annypurls.

What I think is special about the pattern is the brilliant lap-shoulder construction.  This bebe will not outgrow the sweater because his noggin got too big.  I wish more bebe patterns were so thoughtfully designed.

Get Ziggy in progress

Get Ziggy in progress

Cotton Fleece is not a yarn I particularly enjoy.  (At least it is easy-care.)  Nor do I enjoy obligation knitting.  But it’s not the new nephew’s fault, so here is where I am on the front, with the back already completed.  At least baby sweaters go FAST.


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2 Responses to “Boy Blue”

  1. kim Says:

    This is such a great project, although, I must admit that seaming it nearly sent me over the edge. I’m sure you’ll do much better than I. The hat is worth the price of admission!

    • nutmegowl Says:

      Methinks if I make the hat, I’ll mod with ties so nephew doesn’t do what his cousin does and throw it at every opportunity 🙂

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