Irrational exuberance

The prospect of starting my first KAL sure got my knickers in a twist.  Usually, I’m the last one to start a pattern that is spreading virally through the Internet.  But Amy Ripton’s Hedgerow Mitts pattern in Knitter’s Review and the attendant KAL that started today got me all excited to actually do something at the same time as my pals far and wide.

A little too excited, methinks.  I cast on yesterday, when I was bored with the Get Ziggy baby sweater.  I was so pleased with myself for remembering how to cast on for 2AAT that I just jumped right in to the 4-row hedgerow pattern.


When I picked the mitts back up at home, about 10 rows in, I realized to my dismay that I completely blew off the inch of ribbing at the start of the mitts.  Once in a while, the Knitting Goddess smacks you upside the head.


Back on track now.  That’ll teach me to start a KAL a day early.


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