Next, please!

Oooh.  It’s almost time to start a new project!  Yippee!

I confess, this is one of my favorite moments.  I will now spend days obsessing over just what to do next, even when I’m not consciously thinking about it.  The life of the mind, as it were.

Get Ziggy will be blocked tonight.  Blossom is chugging along.  Hedgerow Mitts are past the thumb break.  So I will need something else on the needles for when I do not want to be working on lace.

Here’s something of how the inner conversation goes:

Hmmm.  Will it be Narragansett beretI have that gorgeous DyeDreams Celestial to make it. The Featherweight Cardigan using gorgeous cashmere from my stash?  Oooh – something top-down, so I might actually be able to complete a little sweater. A sweater for Darling Bebe? Highly likely – a quick knit and DB needs more custom-wear. Trenza Mitts from wonderful local llama?  Though I am just finishing mitts. Knitspot’s LaNovia in Foxfire Fiber’s Cormo Silk AlpacaA scarf is so easy to pick up and put down. Or do I pick up a lingering WIP, like my New Beginnings XOX Vest from Knitters Book of Yarn?    

Note that everything is small enough to not cover a lap with wool in the summer.

The possibilities are endless.  And that’s what I love about this – the possibilities.  When I feel a little walled in by the circumstances of my life, little seemingly insignificant choices like this represent freedom I otherwise lack.

So I’m curious, what gets your vote and why?


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3 Responses to “Next, please!”

  1. Luann Says:

    I always vote for FireFox Fibers, but all of these ideas sound good.

  2. Marfa Says:


    My vote is for whatever makes you happy!!!


  3. Debbie Says:

    I love the cardigan and of course there is nothing like cashmere! Enjoy yourself with whatever ends up on your needles.

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