There is rarely satisfaction deeper than knowing when you finish a project you love it, it fits perfectly and you’re going to wear it to death.  Thus, my Hedgerow Mitts, part of the Knitter’s Review KAL.

Completed, and a custom fit!

Completed, and a custom fit!

Here are the specifics:

Colinette Jitterbug in Copperbeech.  Used far less than 1 sk.  Knitted two-at-a-time on US1 Addi Turbos.  Started June 15, completed July 5.

What do I love about them?:  They are stretchy, yet unlike my other mitts made from Lamb’s Pride and Mountain Colors Mountain Goat, they are not fuzzy.  I’ll be wearing these every morning to drop off Darling Bebe at daycare, where I have to fill out forms and such and don’t want to waste time with the ons and offs.

I have to say, the whole concept of a KAL has been fun.  I like knowing I’m working on the same thing as my pals scattered by the four winds.

Hedgerow Mitts

Hedgerow Mitts


I look forward to showing them off to the crew in November, when I’ll really need them.


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3 Responses to “Hedgies!”

  1. Luann Says:

    Two (yarnclad) thumbs up!

  2. thepaintedsheep Says:

    Love them!

  3. Marfa Says:


    Bee-ute-tee-full mits! Great job by you. Cannot wait to see them this fall & cannot wait to see you too!!


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