A day begins

5:15 a.m.

“Waaaahhhhhhh-haaa-haaaaaaaa.  Waaaaaahhhhhhhh.  Muhmuh.  Waaaaaaaaah. …”

“It’s too *#$&# early.  I can’t do it,” says a bleary Nutmeg Owl.

Spouse gets out of bed.  Sounds of Darling Bebe wailing.  Owl falls back asleep.

Several hours earlier: Spouse and pals go to a concert.  Owl and Bebe go out with GalPals and have a most excellent girls’ night.  After DB goes to sleep, Owl diligently photographs blocked shawl, removes it from guest bed and changes sheets, just in case.  Daddy’s friend lives an hour away and it would make sense if he would stay overnight.  A cursory check of the bathroom, and Owl decides to leave toilet lock in place.  Daddy’s friend has a little boy, so he’s surely familiar with such things.  No big deal.  Owl has a most pleasant evening and goes to sleep before the clock’s two hands touch at 12.

5:13 a.m.

Daddy’s friend stayed overnight in the guest room, but now, he needs to pee.  There’s this bar across the toilet lid.  WTF?  He jiggles it.  He pushes this and that.  He is now in crisis.  Must. Get. Toilet. Open.  SNAP! goes toilet lock, pieces fall on tile floor.

And a day begins.


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