Documented and done

Some things just take a while.  There’s a glut of finishing to do chez moi, leaving numerous projects at the “95%” stage waiting to be blocked and properly photographed.  I managed to get one done this week.  No backlit-against-lace-curtains glamour shots.  You’ll get the idea.

Kousa Dogwood Shawl II

Kousa Dogwood Shawl II

I was pleasantly surprised that the Queensland Sugar Rush actually blocked out significantly using wires.  To be sure, the resulting fabric has no natural elasticity (made from 100% sugar cane), but it seems to be holding its blocking.  I’ll be delivering this to Mom next week.

Otherwise, am nearly finished with Blossom shawl and putting a sweater for Darling Bebe OTN.

There’s another FO I’ll be posting as soon as the Postal Service does its job and delivers a surprise to Miniknitter.

Confession: the highlight of my week is the opening of registration for the 2009 Knitter’s Review Retreat.  This year’s featured guests include Anne Hanson of Knitspot, the faboo Melissa Morgan-Oakes and Melanie Falick.  Our Clara does know how to draw them!  November is a long way off, but registering means it’s happening and I’m going and I’ll actually see the pals I spend so much time with online.  You know who you are.

In the meantime, content yourself with some eye candy from a recent trip to the beach.  I will likely be offline next week, but I promise to come back if you will do same.

Beach Bebe

Beach Bebe


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2 Responses to “Documented and done”

  1. Luann Says:

    The shawl is gorgeous! I am so intrigued by the sugar cane yarn idea. Mostly because I like sugar cane. Mmmmm. My teeth hurt just thinking about it!

  2. Debbie Says:

    Beach Bebe is adorable. I love those curls.

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