Lilium Casa Blanca 8-3-09

Lilium Casa Blanca 8-3-09

Back home again, to find that the whole stand of Casa Blanca lilies is in full bloom. I would have known this without seeing them: as soon as I opened the car door in the driveway, I could smell them.  Serious staking was necessary, as the 8-inch blooms – as many as 6 to a stalk – were bent over to the ground in many cases.

In full bloom

In full bloom

It’s a bumper crop, to be sure, and they are now in every room in the house.  The blooms will last a week or more.  A wee helpful note: If you should grow these and cut them, you must cut the anther filaments off the stamens.  If you get this powder on your skin, it takes days to come off and I have yet to be able to remove it from clothing!

Now, back to your knitting programming.

As a mostly single mom who works full-time, my “virtual life” is the place where my friends are.  KnittingKittens, NanciKnits, SandyT, Luann, Deb and many others keep me sane and provide me with so much friendship.

Early this year, I met a new friend through Ravelry who is following a path I trod many years ago.  Miniknitter is a link to my past, and a terrific knitter in her own right.  I wanted to do something special for her, though the deadline to complete it was thoroughly beyond me.  Thus, we have Hoots! – properly titled Give A Hoot Mittens.

Give A Hoot mittens

Give A Hoot mittens

These are worked up in AslanTrends Invernal, one of my favorite yarns on earth.  The 50% angora content makes this yarn truly cozy and deliciously fuzzy – perfect for mittens worn in the winter walking along Lake Michigan. Yardage is generous: I will have completed 2 pairs of adult mittens with yarn left over when I’m finished.

I did like the pattern, but found that the finished mittens were a little small for my liking.  I have a second pair OTN for me, and I added a few additional stitches to make them a little larger.  The pattern does feature an absolutely lovely thumb gusset.

Thumb gusset detail

Thumb gusset detail

Frankly, the hang-up here was finding the right eye buttons and actually sewing them on.  This took as long as knitting the thumbs!  But we cannot all be good at everything, right?

In any case, cheers to my new sister, Miniknitter, and here’s a hoot to you, too!


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4 Responses to “Hoots!”

  1. kim Says:

    Oh, now THOSE are beautiful in that yarn. So fuzzy and yummy. I remember your telling me about this yarn, but I never knew what it was. Wowsa.

  2. Debbie Says:

    I love that yarn. I have some in my stash too. Glad your back. Missed you. Mittens are adorable.

  3. Luann Says:

    Welcome back, and hoot to you. Guess what – we finally found something that we *don’t* have in common! Casablanca lilies make me sneeze and cough. To me, they smell like hot dogs (until my nose stuffs up and I can’t smell them anymore.) Anyone ordering flowers for me has to specify “no lilies” to the florist. My mom is the same way. Not that they aren’t beautiful to look at – but I can’t be in the same room with them. Same with Stargazers – some were growing in the garden when we moved into this house and I had to pull them out (gave them to a non-allergic neighbor, not to worry.)

    • nutmegowl Says:

      Oh no! Well, more lilies for me (and every room in my house). At least Casa Blancas aren’t PINK.

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