A happy Monday to all.

Phlox paniculata "David"

Phlox paniculata "David"

While the rest of my garden is beseiged by some kind of nasty fungus, the phlox are going strong.  This phlox paniculata “David” was a gift to my garden from CleoLion, as are all of the best white flowers I grow.  David is trying for a bloodless coup of the garden, really.  These four-feet-high blooms are the second wave this summer; there will be a third in September.  David has been divided four times in six years, and I’m running out of friends with whom to share his progeny.

Phlox paniculata "Katherine" and friend

Phlox paniculata "Katherine" and friend

Also, this morning, I tried to capture the most gorgeous butterfly on one of the phlox paniculata “Katherine.” It had black markings of a monarch, but was pale yellow in color.  Wings were moving too fast for shutter speed – it’s the blur at top center of the photo.

Speaking of blooms, in spite of band-aid, I finished the knitting on Blossom by Amy Polcyn, which is found in Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders and available for purchase from the link above.   I thoroughly enjoyed this pattern written for a single skein of Handmaiden SeaSilk.

Blossom shawl

Blossom shawl

And I loved working with SeaSilk.  I know this will only look better after blocking.  I knitted further than the (easily memorizable) pattern called for, to try to not be left with any extra yarn.  Used the Russian Lace Bind-off, which made for a lovely edge around the triangle.  More detailed photos coming after blocking.

Whooo's our new friend?

Whooo's our new friend?

Finally, I have a new friend out on the screened porch.  I did something out-of-character last week — having a few minutes sans Darling Bebe, I ducked into Pier One to look for something.  Instead, I found this fellow looking rather lonely on the clearance rack.  He is very heavy, but well worth the price – less than a skein of Cascade 220.

Darling Bebe has learned to say “Oww-ullll.”  So now she has a word to use instead of, “Whoooo Whoooo” whenever she sees one around the house 🙂


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