Looking ahead

It’s been awhile since I posted … the knitting mojo has been inexplicably absent of late as Darling Bebe has been taking up all my waking time – even when she’s asleep.  Now I’m under siege from some summer bug that has me sweating through every shirt I put on.  Do I have a fever?  Ummmm.  I don’t have a thermometer I can read.  Correction: I don’t have a thermometer I can read that doesn’t belong to Darling Bebe – and you can imagine where that has been.

On the knitting front, two projects are OTN:  Elm Row, from Anne Hanson/Knitspot in Sundara Silk Lace “Landed Gentry.”  I’m making it as a stole instead of a scarf and it positively glows.  If things go as planned, it will be for show-and-tell at the KR Retreat (see below).  Then, for DB, there’s Action by Kim Hargreaves from her book, Pipsqueaks – my favorite book for little people.  One of the reasons I love this book is that every pattern ranges from toddler to big-kid — this is not one of those once-they-turn-two-you-need-another-book books.

The best news of the week (and it’s only Tuesday), is that I’m officially confirmed to attend my fourth Knitter’s Review Retreat.  I’m sure I’ll write more about this closer to November, but just knowing I’m going is a Very Good Thing.   It’s nothing like Stitches or any of the other big knitting events.  It’s intimate, and every person there is someone to learn from.  And there is Clara, who is exactly the kind of person you always hope knitting royalty will be: kind, wickedly witty, chocoholic.  (Her new book, Knitter’s Book of Wool, is due in October.)   Although I actually do the least amount of knitting there of any other weekend of the year, it is my annual present to myself.  And today, there are so many pals with whom I correspond but only see this one weekend a year, that it’s something of a reunion.  (No list here, you know who you are.)  Really, these are my peeps, only distance gets in the way.  While there, I’ll be in a sweater design class with the aforementioned Anne Hanson, which is just icing on this double-decker chocolate cake.

So while children are itching to have summer last a bit longer, I, for one, welcome my favorite season and all of its knitterly gifts.  If I could just find a thermometer …


3 Responses to “Looking ahead”

  1. kim Says:

    It’s funny. I was just wondering where the heck you’ve been. Had I not been so insane at work lately, I would have emailed you. Hope you are feeling better soon….

  2. Nanci Says:

    I will mail you a ther”mommy”ter………
    I too am eager for autumn, my favorite season.
    Feel better, my friend.

  3. Marfa Says:

    Honey Bunny,

    So glad I will get to see you at the Retreat – your presence means a lot to me!

    Hope you are feeling better.


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