A breath before diving back under

Remember when you learned to swim underwater?  You’d play all kinds of games to see who could swim the furthest without coming up for a breath.

That’s how NutmegOwl has been living of late, by necessity not choice.

There was a week of summer cold misery.  Now, a week of Darling Bebe summer cold misery that has involved too many nights that seemed to never end, but never involved sleep for Maman.  I survived my first bout of Bebe pre-fever chills that scared the bejesus out of me.  If you’ve never witnessed those, so much the better.  She is improving fast, but the toll has been heavy.

Labor Day is nearly here, and work has never slowed – in fact, I hear the “60 Minutes” stopwatch in my head too often, whispering, “Time flies. Time flies. … ”

Knitting?  What knitting?  Oh, you mean that little lace project I started, never noticing the very helpful instruction about gauge in stockinette?  You mean the lace project where I CO for a stole and got through three repeats loving – absolutely loving  laceweight silk –  before deciding my gauge is really too loose?  You mean the lace project that will be frogged and restarted with two weeks of knitting lost to my own mental fog (read: stupidity) and working every night from home?  Yeah, that project.

If you happen to have a miner’s helmet with a headlamp, please switch it on for me so I can see some light in the tunnel.  Now, time to take another deep breath and head back underwater.


2 Responses to “A breath before diving back under”

  1. Debbie Says:


  2. kim Says:

    Yes, this is how I’m feeling as well. And I think it all started with the bad karma of our LYS closing! Hope you are all well again soon…

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