Head down

What’s an eight-letter word for “that which stops Owl dead in her tracks?”

M-i-g-r-a-i-n-e.  I did not miss them during pregnancy and its aftermath.  The neurologist and I are still trying to find the right mix of meds to make me functional.  In the meantime, I just lost three days – encompassing my precious weekend, of course.

Work pressure continues unabated.

Knitting remains my refuge in those moments when I have to turn off the computer and decompress, all household and other responsibilities be damned.  Elm Row is starting to look like something, about 7 repeats in.  I am enthralled with the oh-so-fine Sundara Silk Lace.  Will try and pin it out for pix in the near future.

The brightest spot – other than Darling Bebe – is teaching another super group of knitters!  With the gracious permission of Clara Parkes and Amy Ripton, they are learning Hedgerow Mitts two-at-a-time-on-one-circ.  I love this technique – which encompasses “magic loop” and completion of paired objects like mitts, mittens and socks.  It’s the most useful class I’ve ever taken ( from Melissa Morgan-Oakes at the Knitters Review Retreat last year).  If you are looking for a book that features clear diagrams and good directions as well as some lovely sock patterns, Melissa’s book is IT.

I’m thrilled to see so many familiar faces in the class.  In fact, all but one have taken one of my classes before.  They are adventurous, determined and just darn fun to be around.  What more could an instructor want?

(Other than a day that does not start with a raging headache.)


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One Response to “Head down”

  1. kim Says:

    I know the dreaded migraine well. I hope that you’re feeling better now. So happy to hear that your class is going well with great people. It makes all the difference.

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