Down Memory Lane

You choose a yarn, knit a gift and send it on its way.  Many times, you never glimpse it again.  I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something just a little sad about that.

When you’re lucky, you do see it again.  Sometimes, over and over.

Moss Stitch Jacket

Moss Stitch Jacket

That is the story of this Moss Stitch Jacket from Baby Style by Debbie Bliss.  I remember when my sister told me she was pregnant the first time, I rushed  to find patterns I would like to make.  Not knowing the baby’s gender, I made several unisex pieces.  This one was the first.

It’s simple and classic.  My first exercise in short rows making the polo collar (though I didn’t know enough to know I was making short rows just then).  Making pockets … choosing buttons.


Button detail

I did love the yarn, Schoeller+Stahl Bari, a sportweight cotton/acrylic blend that still doesn’t feel like acrylic.  (When it was discontinued, a bag of it found its way to my stash, where it’s waiting for another project or three.)

I made two other projects with it, but sadly, like a dozen other baby gifts that went to that household over the years, they did not come back for Darling Bebe and are presumed lost forever.

This jacket has been washed probably a hundred times now, having been worn by three nieces and of course, DB.  It still has spring.  It’s a tiny bit worn now – eight years and four babies later – but that is one reason I love it so.  It has been lived in.

It is now packed away with my favorite of Darling Bebe’s things, for when she has a DB of her own.  I hope I’m there to unpack it and tell its little story.


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