Lacing up

A long time since you’ve seen project pix, and finally something to show.

Blossom detail

Blossom detail

Blossom: 1 sk Handmaiden SeaSilk, colorway unknown. This was “souvenir” yarn purchased at Knitty City in NYC last March.  At the time, I could not find this at any LYS.  The colorway is really a merlot with interesting sections of green – much like grapes on the vine.

Blocked dimensions:  63 inches across wingspan, 33 inches to point.  15.5 pattern repeats from 1 skein.

Needle:  US 7.  If I did it again, would bump down to 6.

Blossom blocked

Blossom blocked

This was truly mindless knitting, and thoroughly enjoyable.  The entire pattern (Now found in Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders) fit on a single page of the (usually horrid) Knitting Pattern-a-Day calendar.  Talk about portable!

I would note that in its pre-blocking soak in Eucalan, this released enough dye to turn the water the color of strong Luzianne tea.  No apparent loss of color in the FO, however.

Blossom detail corner

Blossom corner detail

It is incredibly silky and has wonderful drape.  A great work accessory just thrown around the neck.

In case you’re wondering, I used the Russian lace bind-off, which produced the pretty edge across the bottom of the photo at left.

I have to thank NanciKnits for coming to visit – which left me with a finally-cleared guest bed and room to block!  Perhaps that will allow me to block (too many) FOs just waiting for a warm bath and wires …

Now, moving on to the WIP with which I have been so monogamous of late.

ElmRow detail

Elm Row detail

This is Knitspot’s Elm Row, worked stole-sized in Sundara Silk Lace, colorway Landed Gentry, a Limited Edition offering over the summer.  The photography just doesn’t translate the way it glows.

I’ve long read that there is great challenge in knitting lace with 100% silk.  No so, in my experience.  It’s very fine, but strong, and manipulates very easily.

ElmRow inprogress 2

Elm Row in progress

It’s easy to be monogamous when you are in love.


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5 Responses to “Lacing up”

  1. Debbie Says:

    Beautiful! Nothing like a beautiful blocked piece of lace. Great job my friend.

  2. Emilee Says:

    Beautiful lace!

  3. kim Says:

    Beautiful lacework. I especially like the Elm Row. It will look so nice with your coloring. I have some of that Handmaiden stashed away. One of these days, I will actually use it!

  4. Luann Says:

    Sooooo pretty! I have some blocking to do as well. The retreat is my deadline and that is fast approaching.

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