Taking stock

There’s much to be said for stepping back and taking stock periodically.  Speaking of stash, it’s something that has only happened in fits and starts.  Really, the closest thing to an inventory thus far came when I started to post things on my ravelry page.

With the KR Retreat on this calendar page, I’ve been itching to dig in and get a better handle on what’s there – regardless of whether it makes me shudder in its sheer volume.  This is also a necessity after a summertime roof leak that forced an emergency relocation of my bins (and bins and bins) from their turf in the attic.  So in trying to reclaim my space, it’s time to go through things, learning about myself as I go.

There are a lot of memories in these bins – road trips, vacations, now-defunct LYSes, sale finds, new discoveries about what I like to knit with and what I don’t.  Can’t tell you how happy I am to know that I’ll be taking BAGS of things to the much-discussed “Stash Lounge” at KRR.  I’m just a tiny hint of sorry to send some things away.  For example, I remember going to Smiley’s Yarn Riot at a hotel and buying bags of yarn for the first time.  Of course, I didn’t really know what I was doing, and I thought I’d made wise selections.  They weren’t really unwise, it’s just that my tastes have changed and with SABLE, there’s no sense in taking up space with something I will not ever use.

For muggles:  The rules of the Stash Lounge are simple – bring things you wish to go into another knitter’s hands.  Take whatever things interest you.  I’ve had some lovely finds there over the years – this is not about fun fur and acrylic.  It’s really about sharing and repurposing.  I know some knitting groups do this – and it’s great fun. I highly recommend it!

So if you happen to see enough new things showing up in my ravelry stash to wonder whether I’ve spent the mortgage check, rest assured that some of these items have been unphotographed and stored away for the length of my knitting career.  And when I’m finished, I’m going to know what’s there, where it is, and that it’s something that has infinite possibilities.

Since you haven’t had any of these in awhile, here’s some eye candy to accompany your leftover Halloween candy:

LadybugOf course, it was 65 degrees here that night, so Owl’s attempt to keep Darling Bebe toasty was rather, umm, silly.  One of her aunties gave her an Elmo cupcake.  DB went face down in the frosting – and loved every second, in spite of not having any idea what this trick-or-treat business was really about.  (And no, she’s not giving anyone the finger.  Really.)



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2 Responses to “Taking stock”

  1. Luann Says:

    I’m so with you on the stash-as-memory-book. Those yarns are almost easier for me to give up. The ones that make me sad are the unopened bags of sweater’s-worth Elann purchases, usually still with packing slip. It’s like finding old checks that you can’t deposit in the bank. Especially since I tend to reach for the same colors again and again. This time at the KRR, I’m releasing my SABLE into the wild. Mostly. As much as will fit in the car with two other people, suitcases, a spinning wheel, and a chair.

  2. kim Says:

    Oh, my gosh! Look at that little ladybug!!!! Not that I want to see another one, as we had ladybug infestation recently. She is adorable. Hope she had a great Halloween.

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