Thankful Thursday

Confession:  my passion for knitting is matched by my antipathy for deadline knitting.  I don’t knit Christmas presents.  I don’t knit birthday presents.  When I want to make a knitted gift, I make it and give it, regardless of the season.  Deadlines take all of the fun away.  So while I labor in forced monogamy in anticipation of the KR Retreat, here’s a little something else …

ThePaintedSheep recently picked up the idea of using Thursdays in November to talk about what we’re thankful for.  I like it.  No need to repeat the Big Stuff – you can all surmise what those things are … but here are some of the small things:

Elmo – the little red monster was the only thing Darling Bebe wanted during her recent week-long illness.  He makes her happy, thus he makes Owl happy.

My Internet connection – Over the past year, my ability to interact with friends far and near has been entirely dependent on technology.  With it, my life has been far richer.  The Knitter’s Review Forums are my little community coffee klatsch.  Email and PM are extended conversations picked up at random hours.  Without them, and this little outpost, I would be an isolated FTWM.

Dunkin’ Donuts Dark – Brew of choice that helps make me human when DB decides that 5:45 really is time for breakfast.

Shepherd’s Flock slippers – For ye of frozen feet, these are simply the best and worth every penny.

Crocus bulbs – New England winters linger through March.  Nothing makes me happier than these cheerful little flowers, the first to arrive in spring.  I used a recent naptime to drop 100 more of them in places where I will see them next year.  An investment in smiles.


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One Response to “Thankful Thursday”

  1. Rick Says:

    Thanks for the kind mention of Shepherd’s Flock. It is appreciated.

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