FO: A loop of lace

Ring of Lace - 3x around

Yes, finally another FO:  Ring of Lace by Jackie Erickson Schweitzer.   This is just a giant loop knitted in the round.  I was initially drawn to it because the pattern gives an extensive explanation of faux ikat — or rather, “planned pooling.”  It was written for Schaeffer Andrea, and based around the color repeat for that yarn.  I used the equation in the pattern on Morehouse Merino variegated laceweight.  In spite of many miscalculations, I could not make the pooling work.  The yarn was from a “cinque skein” sold at Rhinebeck a few years back.  I used less than half of the 1050 yards, so someone is going to find a small shawl’s worth of Morehouse at the KR Retreat this week.


Ring of Lace blocked

I actually knitted this over a LONG period of time.  It was exceptionally easy to pick up and put down, and was great for mindless knitting.

One of the things I like about it is the options for wearing.  Above, it’s wrapped around the neck 3x as a cowl.


Below, it’s just twisted into 2 loops.

Ring of Lace - 2 loops

Pattern mods:  I knitted 2 fewer repeats of the pattern than it called for.  It is deep enough.

Blocked dimensions:  44 1/2 inches long (folded in half – it’s a loop, remember?) by 11 1 /2 inches deep.  The Morehouse turned its water the color of orange Kool-Aid, but there was no apparent change in shade in the FO.

The edges seem to want to roll a bit – I suspect steaming is in order … Oh, and yes, the knitting on this was finished months ago – just an issue of needing time and space to block.  Again.


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2 Responses to “FO: A loop of lace”

  1. lilmommacass Says:

    how pretty! I love the fall colors!

  2. Debbie Says:

    Lovely! Beautiful fall colors too. Have fun on your retreat!

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