Snow swirl

It’s a first:  I’ve actually completed a New Beginnings project from the KR Retreat.  Yes, I chose a hat, for pete’s sake, but I still finished it!

Narragansett beret

And none too soon: we had snow this morning and I needed it to keep my hair dry.  Never mind that in the photo, I’m in my jammies.  You get the idea.

The knitty gritty: Narragansett by Kristin Kapur for Through the Loops knitted in DyeDreams Celestial in Rust on US 4 and US 7 Addis.  Started Nov. 22; completed Dec. 6.  Completion credited to karma from wonderful pals and Knitting Royalty who helped get it OTN.

I really like the pattern.  I had been forewarned that it was mega-slouchy, so I did make some mods, and if I knit it again, will make some others.   The pattern calls for knitting 5 inches from cast-on edge before beginning decreases.  Having read that it was incredibly slouchy, I opted to knit 4 inches from the edge, and I’m pleased with that.  But in spite of getting gauge for the ribbing, next time, I would decrease the cast-on by 8, and probably knit the full 5 inches, and adjust the decreases to be every 17 st instead of 18.   It makes me a little afraid it’s going to go slouching right off my noggin.

That said, I do LOVE it. Especially the gorgeous swirl.

I am a little surprised that the yarn didn’t really wow me.  The color is lovely – that’s what DyeDreams is great at – but it was nothing particularly luscious to knit with, and its bath didn’t really change that.  I do look forward to knitting with their new BunnySox – an angora blend fingering-weight – for serious yummies.  (I have a special fondness for dyers who produce gorgeous semi-solids, as opposed to variegateds.)  Note:  BunnySox does not yet appear on their website.

With another FO notched, I had a horrible realizationI have less than 3 weeks to design and knit a stocking for Darling Bebe.  There’s precedent here:  all 3 of the nieces have them.  You know, names knitted into them, colorwork, the works.  DB simply cannot not have one, especially since she actually recognizes Santa this year.   I can get a pass until next year on the new nephew since he’s just a few months old.  To quote Charlie Brown:  AUGH!

You know what I’ll be doing next … and what I’m up to if you don’t hear from me for a bit.


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3 Responses to “Snow swirl”

  1. KnittingKittens Says:

    Lovely–simply lovely– just like the model!

  2. The next generation « Owlways Knitting Says:

    […] I hear that a lot, and hand over my Narragansett Beret. […]

  3. Crush « Owlways Knitting Says:

    […] needed another hat.  I’ve worn the Narragansett beret almost every day since it finished blocking.  More berets are necessaire.  I have lots of hair.  […]

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