Wonderful one-skein

While I’m knitting my brains out on Darling Bebe’s Christmas stocking, here’s the download on my latest, most favorite new pattern:  Swirling Petals Cowl by Casandra Roberts, a free download from Rav.

Swirling Petals Cowl

I found this to be the fastest, most addictive knit I’ve done in a LONG time.  Though the pattern calls for a 130-yard skein, I used all but about a foot of a skein of Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande (109 yps).  Did 9 full pattern repeats and it’s JUST fine.  There will be more of these in the near future.

I really liked the sculptural texture it had before it had its little bath.  It’s still pretty, and scrunches beautifully on my (admittedly short-necked) model, but I did like the original look just a little better.  This one is as soft as kittens.  Really.

Modeled version

It shall be gifted to someone who is lovely in every way.  She’ll wear it on the slopes with her boys and knock their socks off.



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2 Responses to “Wonderful one-skein”

  1. Debbie Says:

    This is really pretty. The best part is that it looks like it fits snugly around the neck. My cowls always seem too loose. Thanks for the pattern link I’m going to check it out. Your posting so much this week! Great fun to keep up with you.

  2. Luann Says:

    Lovely! That’s going in my queue right now!

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