Take two

Ummm – remember the part where I said I was designing my own intarsia letters to go vertically down DB’s Christmas stocking?   Yeah.  In order for them to not be “lost” on the red background, they were on the heavy side.  I got nearly to the end of the first letter and good sense said that the stocking might be as tall as DB herself.


At 1 a.m., I recharted her name to go horizontally across the stocking.  Which means 2 things:

  1. I rejoined it to go back into a round, using Magic Loop to do so.  Improved my speed by about 50%.
  2. I just do cleaner colorwork when stranding rather than intarsia.


Oh, that 4.5 hours of knitting time I thought I’d have in the car on Monday has evaporated.  I will be driving DB, and spouse will follow via train when he can.

There is a MASSIVE upside to this:  a visit with NanciKnits!


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One Response to “Take two”

  1. Luann Says:

    You are a better woman than I. Duplicate stitch embroidery all the way…

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