There’s an axiom in the world of traffic management that says however many lanes of road you build, cars will fill them.

So, too, with the pocketbook or purse.  You will fill it – however big it is.

How do you know when yours is too heavy? When the sensor light for the passenger seat-belt thinks there’s someone sitting next to you! I kid you not.

I can’t blame Old Faithful.

Old Faithful

I found this classic Coach bag for $95 at my favorite consignment shop last year.  It looks a lot better when it’s had a little TLC with Coach moisturizer, but not bad considering I’ve carried it about 350 of the last 365 days.  I learned early on that it was possible to actually lose things inside it.  (Ask me about the hours spent backtracking a shopping day for a pair of sunglasses that was inside the whole time.) Needing another round of care, last night I emptied it ALL OUT.


In no particular order:
5 large barrettes
5 ponytail holders
5 small hair clips
wallet of secondary things not always carried
3 packets Starbucks Via instant coffee
l’Occitaine lavender hand cream (THE BEST)
steno pad
2 pens
3 flash drives
3 Band-Aids
migraine meds  – injectable and pills
cortisone cream
prescription rash cream
cold medicine(s)
UConn Women’s basketball schedule
BlackBerry holster
2 tins of Altoids
15 lipsticks, glosses and balms
2 lip liners
3 mini Post-It pads
bracelet co-worker brought from China five months ago
reading glasses
other headache meds
yardage requirements for knitting projects guide
nail clippers
14 paper clips
business cards
2-inch stack of assorted papers including 4-mo-old paid bills, expired coupons, invoices for car servicing, etc.
facial cleanser samples
envelope of Christmas receipts
basketball ticket stubs
$7 in singles
$2.34 in change
11 bobby pins
“Will trade husband for yarn or wool or whatever” pin
1 binkie

More of Everything

The detritus of a life.  Good thing I went through this before trying to get through a TSA security line.

Oh, and that dashboard light isn’t on anymore.


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3 Responses to “Overload”

  1. Kim Says:

    Hey, if you’re done with that little red number I so covet….

    Wow, that is an amazing amount of stuff! Looks like my knitting bag.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. KnittingKittens Says:

    You were kidding me -not! I would be too scared to empty my tote bag. What if I find a dead body? A few co-workers have recently gone missing! (wink!)

  3. Nanci Says:

    I totally get having 15 kipsticks etc. You just never know. Seriously. But why 14 paper clips? Certainly, 13 would be more than enough! LOL! But has this inspired me to go searching through my main bag? No. I will only more forcefully (pretend), I mean insist that the difference in my shoulder heights are due to the fact that my parents were first cousins!
    Great post. BTW- I covet the red WIP!! Do I recognize the yarn?

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