Calling an audible

I know, I know.  I said I’d next be casting on for Citron or a wonderful Ysolda hat.  I lied.  Actually, a LYS sale made me lie.  I was diverted by Plymouth Yarns Royal Cashmere – the right gauge for Drifted Pearls and at 50% off.

In my household, we refer to this as “Calling an audible.”  It most often occurs in restaurants, where at the last second, someone changes what they thought they would order.  I’ve wanted to make one of these for Mom, and with the right yardage in this beautiful color, I had to get it OTN.

Yikes. Perhaps I’ve been knitting too much lace lately, but I tried to use the written instructions and messed myself up terribly.  Though I had gauge, I bumped down a couple of needle sizes because I didn’t like the way this was coming together. 

Drifted Pearls

Project details: Drifted Pearls in Plymouth Yarns Royal Cashmere.  2 sk.  Needles:  US 7 and and US5 Addi Lace.  The yarn wants to split, but the Addis and I won’t let it.  The first skein got me 14″ from cast-on edge.

A plea to designers from one who does plenty of document layout and publishing: If you are going to use a chart, and use funky symbols in said chart, please will you lay out your pattern so that the chart key and the chart are on the same page?

Owl Mods: print an extra copy of your pattern and cut it up so you can actually read chart and symbols on ONE PAGE.  I almost titled the project “Dratted Pearls.”

I have more yarn in a different color to make one for myself – if I still choose when I’m done – and I may make the pearled bottom deeper, as some have recommended.  We shall see when I have Mom’s more-petite version done to wrap around my less-statuesque neck.

By the time you read this, I will be trying to get through airport security with needles.  Thus, you won’t have anything to read for awhile.  This project will stay home.  Look for Citron pix when I come back.

Happy knitting – hope your place is a warm place, wherever you are.


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2 Responses to “Calling an audible”

  1. lanea Says:

    Ooh, pretty! I love the color. And I absolutely agree about chart keys.

  2. Kim Says:

    I love this design! Seeing yours in red cashmere makes me want to make another RIGHT NOW!

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