A little validation never hurts … so at the risk of being utterly self-serving (“And what is this blog if not self-serving?” she muses), scroll down the Sundara Stitches blog (to Feb. 1 post at 8:37 pm)  to see my little Elm Row featured in the project gallery.  Or click on the Silk Lace link.  Toot and hoot!

With pressure-filled months ahead, this is something that will always give me a smile.  And the gift certificate kindly awarded by Sundara for more gorgeous yarn won’t hurt, either 🙂


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5 Responses to “Validation”

  1. Luann Says:

    Your horn is most deservedly tooted! That is gorgeous.

  2. Mary Says:

    Very nice! Congratulations!

  3. KnittingKittens Says:

    How cool is that?! It is soooo beautiful!

  4. Nanci Says:

    Kudos to you. I am in awe….

  5. Kim Says:

    How exciting!!! Congratulations! It’s beautiful. But you didn’t really need the validiation to know you’re an awsome knitter, did you? 😉

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