Conversing with the Yarn Goddess

As noted, Citron has been a most delicious and utterly mindless knit.  Love the yarn (Sundara FSM) too much to want it to end.  And so, when I reached the written end of the pattern, after five repeats of the ruching and stockinette, we moved on to what I must now call Extreme Process Knitting.

Use me! Every last inch!

See, there was just too much yarn left to simply knit the ruffle and be done.  And since I am working at a slightly different gauge from the pattern as written owing to slightly heavier yarn (light fingering vs. laceweight), I have no earthly idea whether I can pull this off.  Not to mention that although the original called for 1 sk of Malabrigo Laceweight, there’s no indication of how much yarn was actually used.

Thus, enter the lifeline and burning incense.  Lifeline inserted after Repeat Five.  I am now knitting an0ther 20-row repeat AND 11-row ruffle, hoping the yarn will hold out.  Mind you, “ruffle” is shorthand for “doubling the amount of stitches in the row.”  A special shout-out here to Lilia, who so kindly posted the math she already did to add repeats to the pattern.  It may not have been rocket science, but it’s one less thing to have to wrap the brain around.

Oh please, Yarn Goddess, I have been an obedient knitter.  I swatched!  Please let there be enough yarn to use it to its full and complete advantage!

This is a one-way conversation.

If there’s not enough yarn, well, I’ll just rip, rip, rip all the way back to the lifeline.  And have quite a bit of yarn left.  And then knit it again.  Which is, really, fine – I mean, it’s a very relaxing knit.

In the meantime, the length of the rows keeps growing.  And the cake of yarn is definitely shrinking.  And my monologue with the Yarn Goddess continues.


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2 Responses to “Conversing with the Yarn Goddess”

  1. KnittingKittens Says:

    The miracle candles have been burning here at Chez KnittingKittens. Knit on with confidence!

  2. Kim Says:

    That’s so funny. I’m knitting mine now and thinking, “I’d really, REALLY like to do a picot bind-off if only I have enough yarn.” I’m looking at my little skein doubtfully….

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