Problematic pretties?

I have no business buying more yarn.

Yes, I’m on quite a roll with small, usually one-skein projects.  But I have no business buying more yarn.

The only exceedingly lame explanation I can offer is that things have been stressful here.  I’m suddenly fully back in the saddle as a single working parent for the next many months.  Work has me as buried as the DC area is under snow this week.  There have been precious few minutes of uncommitted consciousness in my off-hours to actually sit down and do anything other than telecommute. (I subscribe to the shark philosophy:  if you stop moving, you die.  If I sit down to knit or do anything other than work, I will fall asleep upright.)

When this happens, my yarn yearnings go wild.

So, ummmmmmm, here’s what happened:

Sundara Sock: Touch and Go

Sundara Sock: Touch and Go – eloquently and accurately described as “blue spruce.”

Sundara Sock: Chocolate Covered Caramels

And this: Sundara Sock in Chocolate Covered Caramels. Think milk chocolate for knitting.

Sundara Sock: Black over Violet

And this: Sundara Sock in Black over Violet. Exactly what the name says, and utterly reminiscent of my alma mater. (WordPress is fighting with me on formatting here. Ack.)


Yes, I am well-acquainted with the notion that in evaluating stash, sock yarn doesn’t count.  I don’t particularly like knitting socks, but I do love using sock yarn for other things, and we all know that there’s been a veritable explosion in the number of patterns using sock-weight yarns for non-sock projects.

Does this sound like denial or what?

I think I may have a problem.


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2 Responses to “Problematic pretties?”

  1. Mary Says:

    But Sundara isn’t really yarn–it’s bits of heaven.

  2. Luann Says:

    oh.. that is so pretty… I have no business buying yarn either. umm… gotta go –

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