Fun re-runs

I confess to have always been kind of a snot about why – with the wealth of patterns out there and their accessibility – anyone would knit the same pattern more than once.  I grant you, there are some exceptions – such as enjoying something and gifting it to someone else, then replacing it — or knitting a shop model for a class in a desired yarn after having made one on your own from a different yarn first.

Okay.  Now I get it.

It’s like watching a re-run of a TV show you’ve already seen – just because you enjoyed it before and TiVo picked it up.

These are, ummm, my 2d and 3rd versions of the Swirling Petals Cowl (rav link).  Both are one-skein stash-busters that are to be gifted to Darling Bebe’s two teachers when she moves up to the next group at school.  Mindless, done in about as much time as it takes to watch one of the aforementioned re-runs, and yummy.

The 4-1-1:

Multicolored Petals

Multicolored Petals – Cascade Baby Alpaca Handpaints from Knitter’s Review Retreat Stash Lounge. Some other generous knitter hated it/was bored with it/didn’t want it/gave it up.  I am grateful.  Used: 107 yards for 10 pattern repeats.  Could have gone down a needle size (from US 9 Addi Lace), as the yarn seemed less lofty on the needles than the Misti used below.  I know the variegation obscures the pattern somewhat, but I find the dark colors very rich.  While I’m not a huge fan of variegation, I like this.

Swirling Violets

Swirling Violets – Misti Baby Alpaca Grande from stash.  Up close, there is some depth of color here that my photos don’t show well.  It’s a really R-I-C-H purple.

The upshot of this is that, yes, I have finally started another (overdue) hat: Ishbel Beret.  I’ll show it to you when there’s something to show other than a stockinette hem.  It’s already a very good thing.  Will share all the reasons why, soon.

Stay warm and dry, wherever you are.


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