Hope and glory

Hope sprouts eternal!

Following the weekend’s torrential rains, Darling Bebe and I found these yesterday!  New word of the day:  Crocus.  I remember stealing an October naptime to drop 100 bulbs from White Flower Farm in the ground, knowing how just-plain HAPPY crocus make me.  It was a most worthwhile investment of mommy time.

And another cause for hope, joy and celebration:  I am one week away from YarnoraMama! This holiday is neither state nor federal, but better than either one because daycare is open.  More on that forthcoming, but you’re welcome to take your guesses.

And here’s the glory part:

Glorious Vines

Glorious Vines, properly named Knitspot’s Ivy Vines cowl made from Briar Rose Fiber’s Glory Days, as my first completed object for this month’s BFL-along.  (Blue Faced Leicester, for muggles.)  This one’s just for me.  (I gifted away all but one cowl.)

Lest I fail to mention the particulars:  US 3 and US 4 Addi Turbo needles, using magic loop technique.

Modification: Knitted the bottom section in the Large size, then decreased to the Small for the neck to keep it close and prevent flopping.

This yarn is a simple pleasure to knit with.  While Clara has a range of lovely terms for evaluating wool, mine are a little less descriptive – but certainly rapturous to compensate.  It’s wonderful workhorse wool. Not too sticky, plied well so it does now split, softens and blocks beautifully.

Upper "vine" detail

I’m one of the lucky people who can wear pretty much any wool next-to-skin (I love the feel of Shetland on skin …), and while I know there can be significant variation in the softness of any yarns of the same breed owing to the spinning and dyeing process, this qualifies as softer than many commercially available comparable yarns, like Jaeger Merino DK or Louet Gems – both of which are staples in my “workhorse wool” category.

Glorious Vines - bottom detail

I’d have to call the unnamed colorway, “Ocean.”  It is the same ever-changing deep blue-green.  Also, IRL, as opposed to the photo, the color is more cohesive and significantly less stripey.  As I’ve discovered with its companion piece (more to come), it also withstands a horrific amount of frogging and reknitting without showing evidence.  And with each 500-yard skein running about $30, it is affordable hand-dyed luxury – without a single knot.  I probably embarrassed myself squeezing and sniffing the skein when I bought it and summarily enabled convinced Luann that she needed to have some, too.  No apologies for that now!

Friends don’t let friends miss out on special yarn.


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4 Responses to “Hope and glory”

  1. Luann Says:

    Yum, yum, yum! Must see in person! And, great minds thinking alike as ours do, TL and I went in search of crocii today, too! Found them – but I think we’ll need to plant some more this fall because the two that came up are the last gasp of a planting from 5 or 6 years ago.

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