YarnoraMama (n.) – A scheduled getaway day between two mommy knitters who are allowed to break all manner of diet, yarn or otherwise, without guilt while enjoying a few precious hours together.  From the knitting slang, yarnorama.

Wednesday dawned Winnie-the-Pooh blustery, but bright and clear.  Neither weather, nor car-sharing, nor doctors’ attempts to schedule medical procedures would be allowed to interfere with YarnoraMama.  The Yarn Witch of the North, Luann, traveled south and west.  NutmegOwl traveled north and east.  Our destination: an otherwise undistinguished Starbucks.


First order of business, a breakfast we would not let our toddlers eat.  Everything but the milk, that is.  But on certain kinds of days, you just need a chocolate cupcake to start – or to celebrate – the day.

Some time back, I realized that in many ways, Luann is my cyber-sister.  Her toddler is a year older than mine.  We are primary caregivers and working women trying to find that elusive thing they call “balance” as we hold together our households no matter what else is going on.

Binding off

Luann is also a crack knitter.  And it’s probably fitting that our first meet-up away from the KR Retreat we met at some years ago involved binding off her New Beginnings project, the Falling Waters shawl from the Knitter’s Book of Wool, in lovely shades of semisolid teal from String Theory.

Falling Water

Yes, there was plenty of knitting.

Yes, there was sharing, discussing, problem-solving, unburdening and lots of laughter.

Some FO show and tell.

Some comparison of BFLs (we are both avid participants in the March BFL-along organized in conjunction with the aforementioned KBOW).

Knit Purl, Sudbury, Mass.

Of course, when knitters travel, yarn must also be involved.  If nothing else, a yarn shop visit gave us at least some semblance of a destination for the day.

So with some advice from Betheany, the moderator of a local SnB, we traipsed down the road a mile to Knit Purl.

There, we even found a sheep waiting for us.

Grazing outside Knit Purl

Inside, we found a welcoming and friendly owner, a table full of knitters and a wide-ranging supply of yarn, patterns and especially needles.

For a project-to-be-named-later

I bought all of these buttons that were in stock.  I haven’t seen anything like them before, and they’re definitely my style.   I like to buy buttons last, when I have a FO in hand to really see how they’ll look.  But because YarnoraMama has no ground rules or limitations, these fit the bill.  Instead of souvenir yarn, souvenir buttons.

A late lunch

By this point, our window of freedom was on the wane.  We had enough time left for a sushi stop at Lotus Blossom before wistful hugs and scurrying off with an eye to rush hour traffic.  After all, there were two toddlers in two states in need of daycare pickup all too soon.

Of course, days like these do not come without a price.  Mine involved working into the wee hours that were so familiar to me when Darling Bebe was a bebe.

But it was worth every minute.


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6 Responses to “YarnoraMama”

  1. Debbie Says:

    This was like reading a fairy tale for adult women knitters! I loved it. What a great day for you and your pal. I’m dying for some sushi, coffee, unique buttons, teal yarn, and a cupcake right now. I’m so happy you found time for this mini vacation.
    Oh and it was great running into you at CF too!

  2. Luann Says:

    I treasure the memory of every minute and can’t wait to do it again! And full disclosure – I ate that cupcake all by myself. No sharing.

  3. marfa Says:

    A Lovely time was obviously had by all!


  4. Lanea Says:

    Yay! I’m so glad you two had fun.

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