Dratted pearls

Dratted Pearls

NOTE:  Readers should see comment post below from the designer on 6/22/10.  Sometimes projects don’t work for a host of reasons.  In this instance, it was a combination of factors – including the yarn itself.  The pattern is quite pretty, and has been popular among many knitters I know who are not counted among the 88 others who posted the project on ravelry.  It did not work for me.  I do regret any personal hurt that may have been caused by my feedback.  Such was not intended.

~ NutmegOwl

What kind of knitter fails to find joy in a project that involves aran-weight cashmere in a gorgeous color?

That would be me.

But Drifted Pearls is finished (and gifted to Mom).  And I’m. Finished. With. It.

I’ve said it before, but I need to vent say it again: today, anyone can self-publish a pattern.  That’s great.  But the usability of that pattern matters.  If you’re going to use a chart with non-standard symbols and expect knitters to embrace it, take a lesson from the unrivaled Anne Hanson of Knitspot.  Put the symbol key and stitch glossary on the same pageDon’t ask me to turn your pattern into an arts-and-crafts project to make it usable.

Put a different way – I shouldn’t have to spread three pages out across my lap to knit a neckwarmer.  And I shouldn’t have to do it so you could put waaaaaaay too much space on a page in a transparent effort to look oh-so-clean-and-fresh.

Dratted Pearls and pleats

It’s official: said project shall henceforth be referred to as Dratted Pearls.  It has been found guilty, and receives my personal F-word:  Fiddly. I shall not count the ways.

Want more heresy?  Yes, this is cashmere we’re talking about.  Plymouth Yarns Royal Cashmere to be precise.  It was dying to split; only my Addi Lace needles and sharp tips prevented it.  Sure, it got softer with wet-blocking.  But this yarn does not  leave room for anything but absolute precision in a field of stockinette.  Not at all.

As for the other colorway that I had set aside to make one for me, there’s a world of other patterns out there that deserves my limited knitting time a whole lot more.  And plenty of wonderful cashmere from School Products marinating in my stash just waiting for some attention and a warm bath to banish its spinning oil.  I’ll happily knit with that any day of the week.  Royal cashmere my foot.


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4 Responses to “Dratted pearls”

  1. KnittingKittens Says:

    You go girl–testify! It looks lovely and I am sure your Mom loved it.

  2. Kim Says:

    Okay, I have to say that I love this pattern. Well, maybe not the pattern so much but the scarf that results. It’s beautiful. I’ve made two now, and I love them both! This red is incredible!

  3. Carol Says:

    I agree! I’m working on it now, and it really bugs me that I paid $5 for a pattern with corrections, and the corrections are so ridiculously WRONG. (I’m talking about the pleat directions) Anyway, I’m happy with the almost finished scarf, and I’ll probably make it again, but it’ll always bug me! Why not use all the free pattern testers out there?

    Your scarf is BEAUTIFUL, despite the aggravation!

  4. Jennifer Says:

    As much as I appreciate the credit for the ‘transparent effort to look oh-so-clean-and-fresh’, I can’t claim it was my intention. I’m afraid a lack of experience in layout design is at fault. It’s all about learning – which resources are available, the apparent importance of chart and key placement, etc. Fortunately, I’m catching up.

    For my own sake, and every other designer who is trying to make their way, I must say that feedback is appreciated. Finding out that your work has been publicly lambasted and you’ve been condescended to, is just plain hurtful.

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