Care package

Some people just know things. This has happened time and again with Luann.

It’s been a difficult few days week to say the least.  As a barometer: I have not touched my needles.  In. A. Week.

So you cannot imagine my delight when an utterly unexpected package appeared on the doorstep this morning.

Care package

A Namaste Buddy bag, a bronze Owl of Minerva, and to satisfy my inner yarn geek, yarns samples from Garthenor Organic Pure Wool.  I wouldn’t be giving up secrets when I say that Luann is a Namaste devotee – particularly since she’s so good at pointing out how easy it is to remove spit-up, applesauce and other toddler detritus from the “pleather.”  It’s my first piece of Namaste and me likey.

You probably wouldn’t be surprised if I also told you that Greek versions of Athena’s Owl, the source from which Minerva’s owl is derived, are tucked in random corners of my house.  Which makes this piece from the British Museum all the more dear to me.

Owl of Minerva

That, and the fact that Luann just knew.


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6 Responses to “Care package”

  1. Kim Says:

    How thoughtful! What a nice gifty pick-me-up!

  2. Jane Says:

    Oh, that Luann! Lovely presents!

  3. KnittingKittens Says:

    Love Minerva the owl–what a nice Luann!

  4. Debbie Says:

    Awww… so sweet. Things always go better when we get a little help from our friends. Hope this is the start of a better week. Take care pal.

  5. Luann Says:

    I’m very glad my timing was good, instead of just belated! It turns out most metal stitch markers don’t stick to the buddy bag – I happened to grab my Loopy Groupie one, which does stick. If you can get a tiny mint tin (the round kind) or similar, that sticks really well, which is what my sterling markers are kept in anyway. I dearly hope that you have found some time to knit since this post.

  6. Lanea Says:

    One of my favorite people is also an Owl person, and particularly an Athena-Owl person . . . a.k.a. a Little Owl person ( I find it particularly endearing that Little Owls like a bit of lettuce in addition to their meaty fair.

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