My name is NutmegOwl and I used to be a knitter. Until vitas interruptus and its virulent cousin, workus interruptus struck with a vengeance.  It’s too painful to try to count the number of days I went without so much as touching my needles.

The tsunami now over, there was one thing I was  pining for the other night after Darling Bebe’s bedtime: to sit in my chair and knit.

Somehow, that turned out to be a lot harder than it sounds.

I first picked up the almost-finished Ritzy Mitts made with the Glory Days Skein That Will Not End (so dubbed for having produced a cowl, a cable-intensive tam and now mitts with no sign of being near finished).  Now that it’s the ides of April, I should finish the March BFL-along.  Two problems with that plan:  1)  I was not in the mood to make thumbs; and 2) With almost all the knitting complete and ends woven in — it struck me that I have to frog them entirely and knit them all over again.  The gauge is just too tight.  I over-thought and over-compensated and did the worst knitting of my knitting life, with ladders a firefighter could climb.  O-kay.

Tudor Grace

Let’s pick up the Tudor Grace scarf in jewel-toned SeaSilk.  Oh, that’s right, from measuring it with petite Mom, we determined that once blocked, it’s long enough.  No knitting to do there.*

There’s Darling Bebe’s little Action sweater from Kim Hargreaves’ Pipsqueaks (my favorite kid book).  All that’s left there is finishing work.

I do not have enough brain cells for finishing work.

Could it be even remotely possible that with all of the WIPs in my house, I don’t have anything to actually KNIT on demand?

Ummmm.  Almost.

Sundara Sock - Hot Chilies

Apparently, in one of my last somewhat sane hours, my subconscious must have known what was coming.  Because right there in a tidy ziplock bag, was the remainder of my gorgeous Sundara Sock skein in Hot Chilies and the printed pattern for Abstract Leaves Cowl (free ravelry download) to go with the Ishbel Beret.  Instant gratification: Cowls to the rescue!  Lace on board!

Whew. That was scary.

* In case you are wondering, for any mostly-silk yarn, I use a ball-winder, then place the yarncake on a CD spindle and pull from the outside.  Your cake stays tidy; you recycle; everyone wins.  I accept NO credit for this idea – it’s from brilliant Melissa Morgan-Oakes, and I use the same technique when working 2-at-a-time from a single cake of yarn.


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2 Responses to “Predicament”

  1. Kim Says:

    I feel this way sometimes. It’s either feast or famine. Either I’m working on something and there are ten other items I want to get to or I finish something and have nothing to knit. Odd. Have a great weekend!

  2. Luann Says:

    Happens to me all the time! I usually end up using the time to frog, but that’s not very satisfying when you just want to KNIT. Glad you had a “break glass in case of knitting emergency” box right there.

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