Here for a year: Contest

That’s right, today is my anniversablog.  If you bear with me and read to the end, there are prizes involved.  Read: Lurkers, you’re going to want to come out for this one. I have the usual mixed time-continuum thoughts about the past twelve months.  I’ve certainly learned a lot about myself, just by sticking my bone castings here and declaring this my virtual owl box.

I don’t just self-edit, I self-censor. There are a multitude of things I thought I’d want to say publicly.  But in my professional life, discretion is the better part of valor, and it’s a credo I’ve come to pretty much live by.  Do I have opinions?  If you read me, you know I’m rarely ambivalent.  I just choose not to put certain things out there, because I want this to be a comfortable place, and because I do live in the real world where things you write can come back and bite with a vengeance.

There’s really no anonymity. In this hyper-connected world of ours, to think one is able to dance on sand without leaving footprints is foolhardy.  I appreciate how all of you have helped keep NutmegOwl’s private self, private.  But the knitting world is too small for me to count on that.  (I must say, it’s just too funny that I have been here for a year and no one I’m related to has a hint of my existence here.  Let’s keep that just our secret, okay?)

Blogging is a return to my roots. In another career, I wrote a weekly column, and not very well, either.  This place tugs me back to those days.  If I go more than a week without posting, it feels very strange and awkward – as if I’ve missed deadline or neglected an obligation.  A good obligation, nonetheless.  Writing is part of me; now I have a place to do it, and eyes to see it.

Percolation is involved. I have to let posts “percolate” before I’m ready to write them.  “How do I want to handle that?”  “What’s the best way to back into that idea?”  “Is there something someone else can take away from this?”  “Does this add value for someone?”   These are the one-sided conversations in the speech bubbles over my head before I actually sit down to write.  There’s a part of me that’s jealous of the bloggers who sit down, type and post.  It’s not my way, and probably won’t ever be.

If you’re looking for the cool kids, keep going. I am not, nor will I ever be, one of the cool kids.  I watch; I listen.  No trend-setting here.  Just lots of observation of what’s going on out there in knitter-world.  Being one of the cool kids takes time and energy my life does not afford.  On the other hand, identifying the designers and innovators who write flawless and inventive patterns and present themselves professionally is a joy, and I love to share such news.

Your comments keep me going. I love to read your comments.  They tell me this is not a one-sided conversation.  They make me laugh and feel hugged.  They make me think.

Give your readers what they want. Every columnist has a following for a reason.  It may be her “voice,” her take on things, relate-ability, whatever.  If you’re reading this, there’s a reason you come here.  For me to give you what you want, I have to know what that is.

SO:  Here’s where the prizes come in. By Friday, May 7 at 11:59 p.m., please post in the comments what you want to read about here. Is there something you haven’t seen?  Is there something you liked that you want more of?  You tell me.

Winners will be chosen by random drawing by Darling Bebe.  Since I’ve just attended my first wool festival of the season, you know I’ve been shopping … so come out, come out wherever you are!

Cheers!  – clink – And thanks for sharing the journey.


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10 Responses to “Here for a year: Contest”

  1. Sandy Says:

    I love your beautiful hat and shawl and scarf projects. I also love looking at what you’ve knitted for DB. I would love to hear about your requirements for knitting a cardigan. What specs, features and type of cardi would you knit for yourself? I’m not asking you to knit one..just please talk about what you would look for in a pattern and why.

    Congrats on a great first year!! It’s been a hoot!

  2. Luann Says:

    I love when you give the dirty details of working through a pattern – what didn’t work and why. Not that I wish you difficult knitting, but it’s so important to teach people how to troubleshoot their knitting. And I love the pictures, keep them coming!

  3. Debbie Rondinelli Says:

    Well I personally feel if it isn’t broke don’t try to fix it, lol. Great blog. Interesting. I keep you on the top of my blog favorites list. Basically because you taught me the Kouza Dogwood shawl I will follow you anywhere!!! Seriously though what I like is:
    Your not mainstream so it’s always fun to learn about your yarn finds/purchases that are unique.
    Your love of lace
    Your finished projects
    Seeing your girl
    Your pattern finds
    Happy Anniversary! xoxo

  4. Mary Says:

    You have a very well-rounded blog! I also would love to hear about how you work through a pattern. What modifications you make and why you make them.

  5. Nanci Says:

    Happy Anniversary Dear Nutmeg Owl. I love your blog- feels like I have a candid view into your knitting life and as you share your experiences, I am learning something as well.So congratulations and keep on blogging because I would miss you if you stopped.

  6. thepaintedsheep Says:

    Happy Anniversary to my dear friend! The only thing I could ask for is more of you! Your wisdom, your inspiration and of course, Darling Bebe!

  7. KnittingKittens Says:

    One year! Already? That went fast.
    I would like to shadow along in your thought process when you select a pattern. What speaks to you? Are you able to discern right away what will and will not work for you? Do you have set criteria for a pattern?
    This has been a year of great posts my friend. Always thoughtful observations and well-written!

  8. kim Says:

    I’d like for you to just keep on doing what your doing, although a few extra pix of the bebe wouldn’t hurt any…. 😉

  9. Lanea Says:

    This may sound like a cop-out, but I want you to just write what you want to write. Write honestly and spontaneously and we will like it. At least, I will.

    Happy anniversary. I always forget to remember mine.

  10. Suzanne Says:

    I love the spontaneity of your writing, all your purls of knitting wisdom and of course DB….she is the cutest! I would like to hear about how you select your yarn for your projects. What factors do you take into account?
    Congrats on your one year and keep up the good work.

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