Some Loumms love

Apple owlies

How could any owl-loving knitter resist this?

Particularly a Nutmeg Owl?

As part of my knitter-crush, I confess to stalking Ysolda’s blog.  It’s neat to have a peep-hole into the life of one of the “cool kids.”

That’s where I found these WIP bags, made by Lou and Emmms  (not a typo, that’s how she spells her name).

Sock perfect WIP bag buttons

Here are some of the highlights from my two purchases from their etsy shop (They are also found on folksy in the UK):

Sock Perfect WIP bag

Round-bottom construction, perfect for yarncakes on a CD spindle.  (This is my favorite

Sock perfect interior

trick for working 2 ends of the same skein or for working with silk yarns that need to be pulled from the outside.)

Adorably mis-matched buttons, which allow you to feed your yarn between them with nary a catch or snag.

Sweater perfect WIP bag

Contrasting lining, so you can actually see what’s inside.

Three interior pockets.

Sweater Perfect WIP bag:

Slightly taller and wider than its sock sister, but without the round bottom.

Contrasting lining – in this case, in

Sweater perfect interior

satin, so yarn slips nicely.  (Satin is a bit of an exception – since the bags are made individually, this may vary.)

The only thing on my wish list for these bags would be some little strap or handle.  I don’t always carry a monster mommy-bag, but I do always have projects in “to-go” bags for those just-in-case random knitting moments, and a small strap would be handy to prevent the dropsies on the way out the door.

Besides the workmanship of these bags, what impressed me was the lickety-split communication from Lou and Emmms.  Not trusting computer monitors and harboring antipathy toward anything pink, there were two owl prints I was considering.  I messaged them through etsy regarding the IRL color of the prints and they were back to me in three shakes of the proverbial lamb’s tail.

Loumms lavender love

I have left my favorite detail for last: each bag comes with a cunning little matching sachet pocket with a fragrant  lavender herbal insert.  Just. too. cute.

So much for trying to avoid purchasing any bags.  These are both utterly utilitarian and hopelessly adorable.

And if I tell myself often enough, maybe I’ll start believing that they’re going to help me stay organized.

Disclosure statement:  The opinions expressed herein are mine and mine alone.  I have not received any form of compensation or inducement for the above text.


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5 Responses to “Some Loumms love”

  1. Debbie Rondinelli Says:

    Too cute!

  2. kim Says:

    Well, really, why would you resist something that adorbs with owls?!

  3. KnittingKittens Says:

    NutmegOwl had the little bag with her recently when we met for a “sanity check” –that is coffee and conversation to the rest of you! The quality of the materials and the stitching were top notch! Such a sweet little bag!

  4. Luann Says:

    must go stalk now…

  5. where for art thou, mojo? « loumms Says:

    […] the Skein Queen for including us with pictures of the adorable Miss Cookie and to NutmegOwl for her awesome review of her Sock- and Sweater-Perfect bag […]

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