Owl had a little lamb

NutmegOwl's little lamb

Owl had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb –

Owl had a little lamb, her fleece looked like Romney.

Or at least shearing a couple of Romney crosses is what we were there for, but sadly, after a two-hour delay, the sheep-shearer had not yet arrived, and lunch was necessary.  We had fun anyway.

It was after lunch, during naptime, when NutmegOwl heard what sounded like someone at the back door.


Someone, indeed.  A rather monstrously huge raccoon in broad daylight.  I had seen the critter recently crossing the patio in the evening, and I hadn’t been too happy about it.  Mommy-the-Protector hormones kicked in.  I shot out of the house, shouting and clapping my hands and treed it.  (It later came down without incident and was chased out of the yard.)  The appropriate authorities have been notified.

From Darling Bebe

That said, here is permanent a ray of sunshine – my Mother’s Day gift from Darling Bebe.  While it would be a wonderful project bag, it’s too precious.  I may just have to have it mounted and framed.

There has been some knitting chez moi, but no great progress that’s going to show up in a photo.  You’ll see it soon enough.

I hope your week is starting well.


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4 Responses to “Owl had a little lamb”

  1. kim Says:

    Oh, my gosh! That picture is the cutest. And those little flower hands! So sweet. These are the best years, aren’t they?

  2. Nanci Says:

    You have posted the absolutely cutest post ever. I hope you have enlarged, framed and hung that pic of The Most Enchanting Bebe ever! …and can a Mothers Day gift ever again be as special as this? Me thinks not? Yes, too too special to use- it must be preserved and savored for forever.
    Thanks for sharing this one with us.

  3. Luann Says:

    So cute, so cute, so cute! And to prove we live parallel lives, the other night (while Mr. L was out of town) as I try to get TL to bed we hear a scrabbling sound at the window and it’s a squirrel clutching the screen, peering in at us with a wild look in his eye. I have to be all “Oh, hello, Mr. Squirrel, are you lost?” calm while inside Feral Momma is screaming “Begone, potentially rabid vermin!” Eventually he worked up the nerve to jump off the window and away, meanwhile TL is wondering “Why is he trying to chew on our house?”

  4. debbie Says:

    Omg, she is beyond adorable. That is the sweetest picture. Love your Mother’s Day gift too!

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