I did have it all planned out last weekend … I would dutifully cast my votes as a delegate at a state party political convention with the bonus — or perhaps draw — of eight hours or more of knitting time.


Alas, the writers of my cosmic sitcom saw fit to have Saturday’s babysitter completely bag me at 5:30 the night before.  With no other suitable options, Darling Bebe attended her first political convention at age 2.  Might as well start her early 😉  She was in her “charming doll” element (rather than being vecro’d around my neck) and all went well until our naptime departure.

That said, NutmegOwl was most miffed about the Knitting Time Lost.  If I were a better blogger or had had less to pack and carry around, I’d show you a few other knitters nearby, of whom I was most intensely jealous.


Some mommy reward was definitely in order.  Though I in no way need another WIP, it was time — in my usual far-behind-the-crowd fashion — to put an Ishbel on the needles.  Oh what fun!  Instant lace gratification!

Sundara "Black over Violet"

Yarn: Sundara Sock in “Black over Violet”   Needles: Addi lace, US 7  Size: small stockinette, large lace  Speed: Mach 2

Progress: Instantaneous!

Now, shhhhh: Don’t jinx me!  The Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair starts tomorrow.  If the stars line up juuuuuuuuust right, I might be able to sneak away with KnittingKittens.  Light the St. Jude candle and let’s hope the cosmic sitcom writers cut me a break!


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One Response to “Gratification”

  1. kim Says:

    Oh, my gosh! Personality plus. Look at that imp. Too cute. Love the shawl. It’s very rich.

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