A shady table outside a busy bakery on a sweet little street in Providence, RI.  Time for knitting talk and mommy-talk and girl-friending: YarnoraMama II.

OTN Squared: Tudor Grace

By now, I’m beyond being surprised to find that my cybersister Luann and I have the same project on the needles ~ Knitspot’s Tudor Grace.  Hers is a test-knit for Spirit Trail Fiberworks.  Mine is the second go-round, this time for Mom.  (My first, like so many projects, is waiting balefully for blocking but needs to be gifted later this week.)  It’s just one of those connections we seem to have.

fresh purls

And that’s what our YarnoraMamas are about: connecting in person when we can, since so much of our relationship is by necessity online.

Of course, we plan our destinations by yarn shop.  I mean, we have to have a destination and it might as well be about the thing that brought us together.

We could not have received a warmer welcome from Helen and Karen at fresh purls.  If coldness spells death for a LYS, it is

Mountain Colors River Twist

friendliness that builds a business.  I had sent an email to the shop in advance of our visit to ask some scouting questions about the neighborhood.  They went so far as to offer us their own parking spaces, and even a most kind discount during our visit.

So it’s no stretch that some yarn came home with us.  Mine is Mountain Colors River Twist, a yarn I’ve been looking at for a good while.  The upper colorway is Hot Springs ~ certainly Owl-appropriate.  The lower just sings mittens for Darling Bebe.  It’s so happy and handspun-looking.  I’ll let Luann tell you ’bout hers on her own.

Vases at Kreatelier

The whole Hope Street neighborhood was a “find” in itself, a place for artisans and one-of-a-kind treasures.  (In the karmic realm, I used to live on Hope Street in a different city.)  There was Kreatelier, a place where needle and thread create such beautiful things … their spare buttons, scraps and spools were lovely by

L'hibou kit for Darling Bebe


Owl is remedial, to put it kindly, when it comes to anything sewing-related. I attribute part of this to education on computers instead of anything approaching a “home ec” class that might have taught me how to backstitch properly.  However, I am optimistic that by the time Darling Bebe is old enough to work this kit with me, we will be able to follow the pre-stamped dotted lines to sew and stuff a pair of owls.  Material, needle, thread, scissors and stuffing all included.  Failure is not an option.  And I have a few years, right?

From Frog & Toad

Across the street was one of those sorts of shops that carries every clever, eclectic, often-green and usually handmade thing you’ve ever seen in one place.  Frog and Toad supplied me with a few more of my favorite headbands – the kind that are wide and look like scarves without actually being scarves.  They disguise many a bad-hair day to be sure.

The retail sales were but a backdrop for a much-needed visit; these, I can write about here.

And after a little lunch with the drone of vuvuzelas and soccer in the background, the unforgiving clock said it was time to head back to our respective states to avoid being fined for late daycare pick-up.

So off we went in different directions, the reprise no less sweet than the original YarnoraMama.


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5 Responses to “Reprise”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    Glad you had a great day. From your descriptions I feel like I was there with you! The yarn is beautiful. Can’t wait to see the creations that come from it. Suzanne

  2. Sandy Says:

    Love the pics and the story! Sounds like it was the perfect respite for both of you!

  3. debbie Says:

    I’ve been wanting to go to this store. Thanks for the excellent review. Another great post.

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    […] you regularly browse here, you might recall that the LYS described was the destination for YarnoraMama II with cyber-sis Luann.  I miss her dearly – and the lovely day we spent […]

  5. YarnoraMama III « Owlways Knitting Says:

    […] walk away from every responsibility for One. Precious. Day.  (Previous YarnoraMamas are here and here.) Victoria Station […]

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