I have developed a theorem related to my yarn purchasing.  The amount of yarn I purchase is inversely proportional to the amount of knitting time I have. To wit: when I’m knitting a lot, I’m not buying yarn.  I’m happily cranking away at my too-many WIPs in odd, and not-so-odd available moments.  When there is no knitting time, some kind of wire short-circuits and my bank account shudders.

Sundara Sock - Shadow Studies #6

So we have … a sweater quantity of Sundara Sock in Shadow Studies #6, an utterly rich deep burgundy semi-solid.  This yarn just slays me.  Period. (For non-Sundaraphiles, she has recently stopped using poetic and colorific descriptions of yarn, and shifted to a series of “studies” and numbers to denote the different shades.  I can’t decide if this is a good thing.)

Sundara FMC - Earth Studes #20

Oh, you thought I was done?  Perish the thought.  Or as Darling Bebe would chide, “No, no, Mommy.”  The usually sold-out Fingering Merino Cashmere became available at a time when I was actually online to find out about it.  So we have Earth Studies #20.  It’s a soft green without a lot of variation.  Lesson:  Stay offline.

Since it’s just us ducks here, we won’t so much as whisper about the new Spirit Trail Fiberworks Holiday Knitting Club, which now has been paid upfront but won’t be delivered until August, September and October. Or the “extra” batch of the incredible Sunna that had to be added to the order.  Luann will have to shoulder some of the responsibility for that.

Which is a long and winding way to say confess that I’ve had barely a minute’s knitting peace ~ except for hours when only owls and infants are awake.  See, we used to throw a big backyard party for the 4th of July.  It went on hiatus with the arrival of Darling Bebe.  Circumstances this year required us to host a big gathering sooner rather than later, so we have merged that with the old party list.

In other words: we will have somewhere between 100 and 300 people in my yard on Sunday.  The good news: a caterer and a babysitter.  The bad news: we will have somewhere between 100 and 300 people in my yard on Sunday.

So no, there has been no knitting time.  And there won’t be for many hours.  But it better happen soon for the sake of my disposable income and yarn storage.


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5 Responses to “Theorem”

  1. Nanci Says:

    I too succumbed to FMC temptation this week, limited only by budgetary restraints. My self control is tested every time I go on the Sundara website- only the thought of winding up in a 12 step SYA program- My name is Nanci and I am addicted to Sundara Yarns- keeps me from indulging to the max. Have a great 4th of July event!

  2. Bullwinkle Says:

    My impulses have more to do with stress. (Now that I think of it, stress (for me) mean lack of time: No freedom to create. So I dream about it. And buy to much yarn.) (And the difference here would be … )

    As for the party – better you than me. (Unless everyone had to bring a well-behaved dog. Then it could get really fun.)

    Excellent Sundara score.

  3. Jane Says:

    I wonder if Sundara had a random phrase generator that helped her come up with those evocative names? I’m glad you got some FMC — it’s beautiful. My knitting plans are always bigger than my knitting time, and both are dictated by my levels of stress and work obligations. Which means that I often sit, stupefied by my day, with empty hands.

  4. Pamudom Says:

    Wow, that Earth Studies is beautiful. If you ever decide to destash it, let me know! 🙂

    I think the same thing happens to me. If I don’t have time to knit I feel like I’m missing something. Buying yarn and dreaming about new projects gives me a quick fix. This has been a bad week (or good, if you look at it the other way) for stash accumulation for me. Sanguine Gryphon, Madelinetosh.. and the Spirit Trail club is calling my name too. I hope to resist, but any stress this coming week will give me a good excuse to sign up!

  5. Unintended « Owlways Knitting Says:

    […] I really did. not. mean. to open that email.  Not when I know Nutmeg Owl’s Theorem of Yarn Acquisition has yet to be proven […]

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