Grace notes

When you have a toddler, it’s hard to reconcile the fact of middle age.  I’m just not ready to be middle-aged when I still change diapers.  Period.  But reality and the morning obituaries remind me that as I get more grown-up, the adults who have helped me along the way are moving down the far side of the hill.  This makes me sad.  And serves as a reminder how precious time is.

Case in point: Jeanne. Jeanne was my piano teacher from 7th grade through college.  In those days, I practiced several hours a day and played in master classes, among other places.  Piano was serious.  I spent countless hours at her Steinway with the weighted keys.  I love Jeanne dearly.

I see her too rarely, though, with most of our communication via Christmas cards.  Last fall, I made a point of taking Darling Bebe to meet her.  We had a too-brief visit, which included the following exchange.

“… I don’t have a lot of time to myself, but I do teach knitting on the side.”

Eyebrow arches. “Knitting?”

“Yes, knitting. pause Probably not the kind you’re thinking of.”

Tudor Grace

Read in that exchange, a challenge.  Or at least I did.  So on my return home, I pulled out a skein of Handmaiden SeaSilk in the jewel tones Jeanne favors and cast on Knitspot’s Tudor Grace.  Since Jeanne is petite, usually chilly, and favors scarves, I cast on for a narrower scarf than the pattern calls for.   With just three repeats across, the darn thing almost went too fast to keep up with.  I didn’t rush this one – it was one of those grab-and-go projects when heading out the door.  “Just-in-case” knitting, as it were.  But I did have it finished and blocked in time to leave at my mom’s house for delivery.

Tudor Grace detail

The specs: 30 st cast-on for a total of 3 pattern repeats across.

Unblocked length: 60 inches.  Yarn used: 54 grams.

Blocked length: 67 inches.  The yarn bled a significant amount in its soak, as I’ve found SeaSilk to be prone to.  The result is slightly less heavy variegation between the greens and blues.

Yes, Jeanne, knitting.


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3 Responses to “Grace notes”

  1. Debbie Rondinelli Says:

    That’s beautiful. Makes me want to run, grab some Seasilk, and cast on!

  2. Bullwinkle Says:

    Gawd I love Seasilk!!

    Just beautiful!

  3. kim Says:

    I love the thoughtfulness that went into this particular knit. I’m sure she will adore it.

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