Rhythmically challenged

For the first time in recent memory, water is falling from the sky.  Observed this morning (but not photographed), the first Casablanca lily bloom, face down in the mulch.  Everything in the garden is holding two weeks ahead of schedule.

The Yarn Goddess continues to laugh at my hubris. 

You knitted a gauge swatch?  Of course you did.  And it put you on a US 3 to knit stranded colorwork and intarsia? She chuckles.  So how is it that your stranded colorwork is still too loose for gauge?

Slow progress


On top of that, when I reached the intarsia section, my too-loose gauge allowed for too much bleed-through of the yarn in the back.  Not acceptable. Frogging 18 rows to the start of the stockinette ensues.

I am a smart knitter.

There is more than one way to solve a problem.

I will solve this one.

I’ve deduced that one of the reasons progress has been so blastedly slow is that for me, knitting is all about rhythm.  This holds true for stranded work as well as the textured knitting and lace I love so much.  I’m a pianist by training and my fingers look for the natural rhythm of a pattern.  With this project, other than the yellow section, there is no rhythm.  Every row is watch-as-you-go-don’t-forget-to-look-at-what’s-coming-next.

Blessed relief will come once I’ve finished the back.  The rest of the project involves the same borders, but no single piece is as wide.  I know I’ll work the narrower fields much faster.

Which is good, because for some reason, new yarn keeps showing up at my house.

And I can’t put any of it on the needles, nor complete an overdue promised book review, until I knock this out.

If you are trying to figure out what’s in the pattern, that is the back of the work.  The project is not mine to publicize and if I’m eventually given credit for my part, it will be under my bat-name.  So in the interim, you can see the tidy floats and appreciate KnittingKittens’ favorite colors all together.  And the wonderful 3 AM Enchantments project bag that HappyStasher practically demanded that I purchase.

Peer pressure.  Yeah, that’s it.


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3 Responses to “Rhythmically challenged”

  1. cleolion Says:

    Ah, Casa Blanca lillies! Whether standing tall or mulch-diving, I miss them and miss having a proper garden! (I’m picturing the knitting owl weaving something beautiful to hold up the stalks!)

  2. Bullwinkle Says:

    You have a bat name?!

    Lovely knitting (I hate colorwork. That would drive me batty.) Lovely colors. (Excellent bag.)

    So … do you find the deadlines motivating or just pressure?

  3. Dispatch from the front « Owlways Knitting Says:

    […] decamped for some fun vacation, I am in my owl box with head down, knitting my brains out on the aforementioned test-knit.  Back and fronts finished, sleeves in progress on this WIP […]

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