Hydrangea serrata Blue Billow

Nothing reminds me more of summer, the ocean and beloved Nantucket than lacecap hydrangeas.  They’re not particularly common as far inland as I live, which is why I planted this special Korean strain which tends to be more hardy in my part of the planet.

Mountain hydrangea (Lacecaps)

Unlike the ubiquitous macrophylla with its snowball-shaped blooms, the lacecaps drift in an almost ethereal way.  Seven years after planting, my one-gallon shrub is nearly five feet in diameter and nearly four feet tall.  They don’t bloom every year, but most years, and this has been the most spectacular show so far.

Drifting blooms

With the horridly high temps early in the season, the whole garden went on an accelerated schedule.  Everything is blooming two weeks ahead of schedule.

Lilium Casa Blanca

Between Friday night and Saturday afternoon, nearly forty Casa Blanca lilies popped open.  You can smell them several houses away.  (Hold your nose, Luann!)  Most years, I can set the calendar to August 1 for this event.  Not so in 2010.  The lily plot started with a single bulb from CleoLion’s garden and has taken over the southeast corner of the screened porch.

At left, ready to pop

It appears that I’ve staved off the evil beetles at least temporarily.  They almost completely defoliated the roses when I wasn’t paying attention.  Applications of milky spores are definitely in order this fall.  Nonetheless, the phlox crop is stunning, too.

Lotsa phlox

The white Phlox paniculata David (also from CleoLion) are in their second bloom of the year, now nearly five feet tall.  Behind them are two varieties I’m hazy on the names of – the darker is Franz something, the lavender are Katherine or Laura – brain is not retaining that at the moment.  There’s another plant next to the screened porch, among the lilies and roses.  To say that time outdoors is perfumed does not begin to describe it.

On the knitting front, I am so relieved to report that the dreaded back of my test-knit is done.  Soldiering on …


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2 Responses to “Abloom”

  1. Luann Says:

    Not sneezing yet – and seeing the gorgeous hydrangeas was worth the risk! Thank you for these gorgeous pictures.

  2. Nancy Says:

    Your flowers are lovely! And I agree everything is too far ahead. What will mid_August bring? Our phlox ( and we have alot) have been blooming for two weeks! Mid_July! Here’s to a long and lovely autumn!

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