To say that my FO was “test-knitting” hardly begins to describe it.

When I set some knitting goals for myself in 2010, knitting a sweater for myself (after brain-drain sent me into permanent accessory-making mode) was on the list.

However: Knitting a sweater involving a 67-row chart of stranded colorwork spelling out words and symbols, and multi-bobbin intarsia — all on US 2 needles was – ahem – not exactly what I had in mind.  Oh, and doing it on a deadline of, “We really needed it yesterday.”  (Which was put very nicely, but an implicit deadline nonetheless.  I am Pavlov’s drooling dog when it comes to deadlines.)

The Yarn Goddess laughs mockingly.

It is 36 days later: I have now been tested as much as the pattern for the FO, which will be appearing in a soon-to-be-published book.  It is serendipitous that my cult-leader friend Clara has a sidebar that is supposed to run alongside it.

I wish I could show it to you here, but perhaps it’s better to let you paint your own mental picture.

I did it.

My instant-gratification reward is now on the needles:

Spring is in the Air by Kristi Holaas

This is Spring is in the Air by Kristi Holaas.  I’m making the full-sized shawl sans beads using the Sundara Sock in Caribbean that (along with too many other lovely yarns) made its way to my house while I was so monogamously test-knitting.  This is the perfectly mindless lace knitting my long piano-playing fingers have been craving for weeks.  I wish your monitor and my camera could capture the real depth and intensity of the color.  Or just how good it feels to knit.

Keeping in mind the rule of Owl yarn purchasing ~ the less knitting time I have, the more yarn I covet ~ it is a darn good thing the test is finished.

I don’t know if my bank account could stand to be tested much more.


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