A touch of coolness is back in the air, making it perfect for the first taste of fall fiber festivals in New England.  After a lovely drive featuring the first hints of fall color, we joined hundreds of other knitters, weavers and fiber fans at the Coventry Farmers’ Market Fiber Twist.

Romney love

Not surprisingly, Darling Bebe was found with her clever little hands buried in Romney.  Literally.

This lady’s fleece was so thick and spongy, Owl’s fingers got lost trying to find where her body was.  No doubt she will be much smaller after shearing.  We should all be so fortunate …

The Painted Sheep

Accompanied by KnittingKittens, I happily visited our pal Kris’ booth, The Painted Sheep.  If you haven’t visited her thriving shop on etsy, you might really enjoy it.  I’m just saying … Shop will reopen as soon as she’s inventoried what little was left at the end of the day.

There were at least six alpacas there in a variety of colorways, as well as the produce, food and music that draw thousands each year to this venue.  You would be seeing more photos but for the fact of the “secret” status of this little outpost.

I especially enjoyed running into so many former knitting students, many of whom I have not seen in person since I was displaced.

Palmer Family Farm CVM/angora

This find made my little knitting heart go pitter-patter.  This is 80% CVM/20% angora from Palmer Family Farm of Tolland, CT.  The yarn is spun at my oft-mentioned Still River Mill, making it a totally Connecticut affair.

Mix some bunny into just about anything and you’ll have me at, “Go.”

At the end of the day

At the end of the day, I felt pretty darn virtuous.  One yarn purchase and not one, but two shawls completed this week.  A third is within 90 mins of completion.  The blocking runway is getting a little crowded with the wrangled WIPs.  Pix forthcoming.

Nothing not to love about this change of season.


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2 Responses to “Seasonal”

  1. thepaintedsheep Says:

    Love DB’s smile when she’s petting that sheep! It was great to see you – even if all too briefly.

  2. Lanea Says:

    Oh, what a nice little festival! And the CVM/Angora? You’re killing me.

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