Happy Trail

As things at work continue to spin out of control, knitting remains my little oasis.  Especially because of the enjoyment I’ve received from the Spirit Trail Fiberworks yarn that’s been on the needles.  You probably won’t hear much from me in the next couple of weeks, so for your Friday Eye Candy, a glimpse of what’s making me happy.  However fleetingly.

Hawthorne in Lyra

Any normal person would question the wisdom of trying to block something during a monsoon when the air feels wetter than the rain.  With the “blocking bed” cleared for visitors next week, the clock is ticking toward Rhinebeck, and I needed to get

Colorway: Appalachia

Hawthorne blocked.

Somewhere during the Owl-hours of the night, I came to the conclusion that the measurements in the schematic depend heavily not on stitch gauge, but on row gauge.  Granted, this is a drapey sort of

Lace at proper density

wrap, so gauge in and of itself is more a guideline than de rigeur.  In order to achieve a lace section that matched the density of the pattern photographs (and wasn’t too airy), I had to take my needle size down, then bump up a couple of needle sizes for the garter section to take advantage of the smooshiness that makes Lyra special.  With that said, I could not quite achieve the exact schematic measurements shown in the pattern.  I think it matters not.  I also find the colorway very hard to capture accurately.  The robin’s egg blue is cool; with the warm browns the camera does not know what to do.  The top photo is most accurate.

Wast Side Shawl in Ixchel

Meanwhile OTN is Wast Side Shawl in Ixchel.  It’s progressing merrily.  A lesson learned from this fingering-weight alpaca: the colors on the hank don’t tell the story.  I was kind of, “Mehhh,” when I opened it up.  It just looked very variegated, not one of my

Blueberry or lavender? You decide.

favorite things.  While working the seemingly endless border, it started growing on me.  Now that I’m knitting an actual “field,” as opposed to working on 20 stitches at a time, it screams “MONET!”  While it’s called Blueberry Fields, I would call it Lavender Fields – it is the shades on my French lavender in the garden.

Now, if someone would just turn off the typhoon …


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2 Responses to “Happy Trail”

  1. Bullwinkle Says:

    The rain is on its way out – we dried out rather quickly, to my surprise.

    Lovely Hawthorne.

    Blueberry is to lavender as tomayto is to tamahto 🙂 What’s in a name?

  2. Lanea Says:

    Oooh, pretty pretty pretty!

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