Black ‘bel

I’m usually the last one to make one of the cool-kid projects.  And too often, I’ve found that — popularity aside — they haven’t been that much fun.

That’s why it’s so surprising to me that with more than 8,000 (not joking) Ishbels on ravelry, the pattern easily has become one of my favorites.

Mom asked me to make her another shawl.  A black shawl.  Forget that black can be a bear to knit with – black lace, no less.

Black 'bel

I did what any knitter would do: I asked world-class stasher minh what yarn I should use to make an Ishbel for Mom.  Her answer: Spirit Trail Fiberworks Sunna.  Jennifer very kindly custom-dyed it for me.  Contrary to what you might think,

Black but not a black hole

dyeing some fibers black is not easy.  The silk in this merino – cashmere – silk blend wants to go purple of all things.  The result is in no way a “flat” color.  I am alternating skeins and it’s a wonderfully dappled effect.

Here’s the thing:  Sunna just plain flows off the needles.  And for whatever reason, this pattern has serious rhythm that puts me into my knitting zone.  With little knitting time logged, the shawl is already the size of my previous sock-yarn version.  This one has to be significantly larger – we’re going for warmth.  No doubt it will only be a few days.


Oh, and keeping me company along the way, my favorite stitchmarker handmade by KnittingKittens.


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5 Responses to “Black ‘bel”

  1. Debbie R. Says:

    Lol. You thought I was crazy making all those Ishbels but they are addictive. You said it best. It really does have some serious rhythm! Love the yarn/color. Your mom is lucky.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I really like the shade/color effect. IMHO it is muuuuuch nicer than it would be if the color was flat.
    That’s one wonderful stitch marker!

  3. Lanea Says:

    Don’t you go trying to convince me to knit black, now. That’s no fair.

    By the way, the Hawk Rule came, and it’s adorable. I’ll try to try to photograph it and post about it.

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