Absence explained

Could things just s-l-o-w down for a bit, pretty please?

Apologies for my absence.  To say it’s been a whirlwind pressure-cooker couple of weeks doesn’t begin to describe current events ’round here.  But with more on the horizon, if I don’t update now, it’s not going to happen.

SHELTER - Wool Socks

Stitches East came to my neighborhood last week, the second of its planned three years in Hartford.  As previously noted, it’s not an event I would travel to attend after a not-so-positive experience in the past.  Candidly, it’s not my crowd.  With few exceptions, noted in all that color at left.

For starters, Harrisville Designs, one of the handful of vendors with BrooklynTweed’s new SHELTER, was on hand.  Somehow, my nutmeg-loving soul got sucked into this color.  Can’t imagine how. It was also an opportunity to fill a few orders for my peeps to hand-deliver at the Knitter’s Review Retreat next week.

TSG Eidos in Charybdis

There was one vendor that made it worth the ticket price for admission: The Sanguine Gryphon.  I am not one with the time or inclination to engage in all the F5-F5-F5 online games to try to get my hands on it through the usual channels.  Their participation in Hartford allowed me to see it in person in all its glory.

And color-genius glory it certainly is.  A monitor fails to do justice to the perfect-clear-hot-red that is Charybdis in their Eidos sock yarn base.

Warning: virtual swoon imminent.

QED in Tagmata - 100% BFL

Then, they had to bring not one, but two bases in that glorious fiber that is BFL, or Bluefaced Leicester.  I’ve had a torrid affair with this fiber this year, so you’ll understand what I mean when I say that abstinence was not an option.  The QED has so much “sproing”

TSG Codex in Delirium

going on, I have the sense it’s going to bounce out of the skein.  On the other side of the spectrum, Codex, a blend of BFL and silk, just cries out to touch skin.  And this colorway – Delirium – well, I was sunk.  (Can you think of a more-apt colorway name?) At the moment, I am thinking that a Just Enough Ruffles might do it justice.

I shall just breeze by the others I could not keep my hot little hands away from.  No, I cannot explain how a semi-solid lover like me was smitten with the mix of blues and browns in Long-tailed Skipper.  Or the pure

TSG - Long-tailed Skipper in Bugga!

intensity of Karner’s Blue – both in the Merino/cashmere/nylon (aka MCN) known as Bugga! Nope, won’t even try.

Of course, all of this yarny exuberance was tempered 48 hours later as the reality of my cosmic sitcom kicked in with an

TSG - Bugga! in Karner's Blue

unexpected $2400 in necessary car repairs.

And elections of the nail-biter sort.

And the furious knitting of uber-soft hats to be donated to cancer patients as the unwritten price of admission to the upcoming Retreat.

And the culling of my yarnventory so things that I know I will not knit can have new homes through the magic that is the “Stash Lounge.”

And the finishing of some long-dormant projects that have sat, uncomplaining, waiting for attention for an embarrassing amount of time.

And the blocking of said FOs, with necessary photography to follow.

Somehow, you probably wouldn’t be surprised if all this was brought to a whiplashing halt by 48 hours of raging migraine.

I am vertical again.  Just in time.


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6 Responses to “Absence explained”

  1. Debbie R. Says:

    I’ve been waiting so patiently for your pictures! Very pretty. I’m so sorry about all that car business. I’ve been there so I know your pain. I do love that last blue!

  2. kimkrafty Says:

    You picked up some very beautiful yar. The blue TSG is especially gorgeous!

  3. Nancy Zeller Says:

    Wowz! So glad you are verticle again. That’s the worst.

  4. bullwinkle Says:

    My car “repairs” resulted in a new car. ahem. (I just haven’t had time to do any therapy shopping.)

    Sorry you’ve been so busy (and out of sorts!) Lovely yarns 🙂

  5. Luann Says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous things. So sorry about the pains in your head and wallet. Hope there are a few pennies left in there for the KRR marketplace… you do know that String Theory has a BFL sock yarn? Having wound it tonight, I can testify that it is a feast for both the eyes and hands. See you SOOOOON!

  6. Lanea Says:

    Ooh, what a haul! I am trying to behave, though there will be a package from Webs waiting for me at the Inn. Sorry about the car trouble. I had an incident this spring, and it was very frustrating. See you in a few days!

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