All thumbs

My week in a nutshell.  Thumbs.  Messing things up.  Forgetting things.  Not knitting.

Except, of course for thumbs.

Thumbs on fingerless mitts for gifts for Darling Bebe’s teachers.

First, Eve Mitts by Gina House.  The originals were made using just one skein of Elsebeth Lavold Angora.  I was test-driving a skein of AslanTrends Invernal with almost 50%

Eve mitts in AslanTrends Guanaco

more yarn, so I did make significant modifications along the way for a more comfortable finished pair.  I used a US 7 needle for a fairly dense gauge, as I knew the yarn would relax a lot with blocking.  (It did.)

Because my yarn

Ribbed palm side

was less elastic than a 100% wool, I changed the stockinette palm to a ribbed one, merely continuing the ribbing from the bottom edge all the way up.  I’m not crazy about stockinette palms in a mitt.  Full mittens are different, but even so, as one who wears hand coverings from October until April, I like a little texture there.

I added a full repeat of the right and left cable crosses to the hand before breaking the afterthought thumb stitches.  In addition, I inserted one extra cross at the top of the hand to cover the knuckles.  I like mine covered – most of us do.  If these had been for me, I would have made them even a little bit longer at the top, but the recipient has shorter fingers, so I quit there.  And I like to use the Elizabeth Zimmerman sewn bind-off for mitts for elasticity.  In addition, I continued the ribbing around the thumbs for sake of a good fit and visual interest.

Humanity in Sundara Worsted Merino

Next up: Humanity by dlotter.  Inspired by Jared Flood’s Habitat hat – Mr. Owl’s favorite hat, these worked up quite nicely and quickly.

Yarn: Sundara Worsted Merino in Mint Julep

Needles: US 7

Modifications: I continued the pattern all around the thumb, which was a nice effect.

Not a successful project marriage

I thoroughly enjoyed this yarn.  It was plump and springy and only became nicer after a bath.  However, if we are talking project marriage, this was not a match made in heaven as far as the colorway was concerned.  The variegation took away from the pattern.  Too bad, but no big deal when all’s said and done.

In any case, both sets have been finished, blocked and gifted.  Check!

I am happy to report that my mom has granted me absolution where my nephew’s stocking is concerned.  No way that was going to happen.  Unh unh.

Still too much to do …

Nothing special about that, I’m afraid.

On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer …


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3 Responses to “All thumbs”

  1. cleolion Says:

    On Dasher, On Dancer…. of course we all know these are FEMALE reindeer…!
    LOVE the Humanity mitts!

  2. bullwinkle Says:

    … Now Prancer and Vixen!

    Hmmm … ribbing on the thumb …. I like it. Must try … Nice work 🙂

    p.s. Shall I put it on the calendar to remind you, in July, about the nephew’s stocking???

  3. Idiot-proof « Owlways Knitting Says:

    […] No typo, 2009.  Really.  Though the pattern called for AslanTrends Guanaco (recently used for the Eve mitts), I opted instead for AslanTrends Invernal. Oblique Shawl by Dina […]

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